Fast Wireless Charger Review: recharge with a single iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods device

Anyone who has several Apple devices knows how inconvenient it can be to charge them all together, between cables, platforms and power supplies. This Fast Wireless Charger copes with this, an accessory that centralizes, simplifies and rearranges the charging of the three main Apple products: iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods.

How it's done

The Fast Wireless Charger, as the name implies, puts wireless charging technology at the center of its operation. It offers a plate to recharge an iPhone and a support for Apple Watch. To recharge the AirPods, it uses a Lightning connector which is integrated into the support for Apple Watch.

It is made of good quality plastic in black color treated with a matte finish and pleasant to the touch. At the bottom there are two non-slip feet. The dimensions, given that it is a multiple charger, are generous but we cannot say that it is a bulky product.

Power is provided by a USB 3.0 over USB-C cable. The rear door of the Fast Wireless Charger is in fact of this last type. The uncommon choice of cable should have been determined by the low profile of the platform, which is unable to accommodate a USB 3.0 connector.

There is no charger inside which you will have to procure separately which, according to the manufacturer, should be compatible with QuickCharge 3.0 technology although obviously you can use any other charger with at least 5V 2A.

It should be noted that nowhere have we seen the MFI brand, Made For iPhone, so we have to assume that neither the charger for the Apple Watch nor the Lighting connector are built under license.

Recensione Fast Wireless Charger: ricaricate con un solo dispositivo iPhone, Apple Watch ed AirPods The USB-C port and the heat dissipation grids Recensione Fast Wireless Charger: ricaricate con un solo dispositivo iPhone, Apple Watch ed AirPods The charger we used for the test Recensione Fast Wireless Charger: ricaricate con un solo dispositivo iPhone, Apple Watch ed AirPods The Lightning connector for the Airpods Recensione Fast Wireless Charger: ricaricate con un solo dispositivo iPhone, Apple Watch ed AirPods The device specifications

The power

The question of the ability to meet the charging requests of the various devices that are connected to it is central. According to the specifications, the Fast Wireless Charger in the input phase can receive – depending on whether you use a standard charger or a Quick Charge 3.0 – from 10W to 15W, which are, on paper, more than enough to provide the maximum charge that AirPods , Apple Watch and especially iPhone require.

Although, according to the specifications, the platform for the phone provides up to 10W, the iPhone wirelessly absorbs by Apple's choice (probably following the need to control the temperature) at most 7.5W. In any case, for our test we chose to use a charger with Quick Charge technology.

The test

We first almost zeroed the charge on the AirPods, Apple Watch and iPhone to maximize charging. The results were relatively close to those reported. The iPhone with 2% battery charges at 9V and 0.83A, so at just under 7.5W, the Airpods charge at 9V and 0.52A (4.7W) Apple Watch charges at 9W and 0 , 2A (1.8W).

Trying to connect all three devices together we got 13W; detecting the division of watts between the various devices while recharging at the same time was not possible. However, we were able to see what happens if you replace the QuickCharge 3.0 charger with a USB-C charger. The final data of the output was not too different.

The Fast Wireless Charger absorbed 5.3V for 1.8A which overall is below the figure obtained from a QuickCharge charger, but not significantly. The iPhone alone charges at 6.4W. That is to say that if you don't have a QuickCharge charger but, as likely, have a USB-C charger, you shouldn't have too much delay in charging your devices.

Obviously it is always worth pointing out that wireless charging of an iPhone wastes a lot more time than charging via cable which in the worst case, using a common 5V and 2A charger, is at least 30% faster.

From an ergonomic point of view, there are no problems whatsoever. The iPhone XS Max that we used for the test immediately “hooks” the recharge and this also happens with the different cases we tested, including the Apple leather one. The same thing can be said about the Apple Watch. The small support for AirPods is also precise in size and hooking.

Recensione Fast Wireless Charger: ricaricate con un solo dispositivo iPhone, Apple Watch ed AirPods iPhone in charge

The conclusions

The Fast Wireless Charger copes with the problems faced by those who own several Apple devices and prefer to have few cables on the desk. In addition to being well built and having a sober appearance, it combines the charging functions of the three main consumer devices in Cupertino in a single device and works as promised, with good charging power.

We advance only two elements of perplexity. The first is that a proper charger is not provided in the box. Since a compatible accessory compatible with QC 3.0 is needed to recharge the devices at maximum power and since it is evident that this product is essentially designed for the world of the Apple that does not normally use chargers of this type, it would have been better to put one in the box. You can still use any 2A charger without losing too much in terms of speed.

The second is that we are faced with an accessory that is apparently not certified and this in perspective could be a problem if Apple decides to change something in the firmware of AirPods and Apple Watch. We have no recent news of actions that have disabled reloads via Lightning or on Apple Watch devices, but it could happen.

Price and availability

The Fast Wireless Charger is on sale on offer for just over 14 euros by clicking on this direct link .

The offer is valid while stocks last; for more information on shipping costs and times, any charges and order management, you can consult the seller's website.