Fastweb continues the NeXXt Casa offer at a promotional price of € 29.95 per month

Fastweb to fixed network customers is continuing to offer the NeXXt Casa offer which in some cities covered by a proprietary network in FTTH Fiber can reach up to 2, 5 Gbps in download, while recently in the same areas the maximum upload speed has been increased to 300 Mbps.

NeXXt Casa

  • Unlimited Internet in ADSL, Mixed Fiber Copper FTTC or Fiber FTTH up to 1 Gbps or even up to 2.5 Gbps
  • Unlimited calls and to all national landline and mobile numbers with no connection fee with Chi Call, Notice services Call, Withhold Number, Disable Calls and Call Forwarding
  • FASTGate modem included for free
  • Cost: in promotion € 29.95 per month indefinitely with payment by credit card or bank debit
  • Activation cost: free – there are no restrictions co ntrattuali
  • By subscribing to the offer through the online channel or the Commercial Service 146, the WOW service is also included in the price Space, an unlimited Cloud space for all fixed and mobile customers of the operator

The operator also allows customers to activate the convergent offer Fastweb NeXXt Casa + Mobile , which plans to associate the fixed network offer with a mobile network, with access also to the 5G network. The two offers are as follows:

  • Fastweb NeXXt Mobile – € 7.95 per month with 70 Giga
  • Fastweb NeXXt Mobile Maxi – 10.95 € per month with 100 Giga

The cost of the fixed component in this case will be available at the discounted price of € 25.95 per month.

Finally, promotions offering streaming services NOW and DAZN free for the first can also add to the fixed network offer to the subscription of the fixed offer. 3 months, plus a discount on the relative monthly cost.