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Fastweb offers its fiber offer only for today with two Wi-Fi Boosters included: Fastweb Casa Plus at € 35.95

Fiber , unlimited calls, Assistance Plus , NeXXt modem and two Wi-Fi Boosters with Alexa integrated at € 35.95 per month . This is Fastweb's new fixed network offer, Fastweb Casa Plus.

The offer is available only for today and in addition to including a connection in FTTH, FTTC and ADSL technology, it also gives the possibility to add another booster with 4 euros more per month, for a total of 39.95 euros per month.

We remind you that the Plus Assistance service allows you to speak with Fastweb Customer Care “in one click” and obtain free technical interventions , even when the connection problem is not is attributable to Fastweb.

If, on the other hand, you want to renounce the plus assistance (and a booster), the offers Fastweb Casa at 28.95 euros per month and Fastweb Casa Light at 25 will remain valid until tomorrow , 95 euros per month .

Keep following us for further updates, in case the operator decides to extend the offers.

Via: MondoMobileWeb
Source: Fastweb