Fastweb presents NeXXt, the new router with integrated Alexa

But there is also Booster, a signal amplifier that creates a mesh network to cover the whole house (also with Alexa integrated!)

The Fastweb NeXXt Generation press conference has just ended, during which the operator has announced the goals achieved and the next goals for the future, which pass through the new devices: NeXXt and Booster .

The managing director Alberto Calcagno began by recalling that today Fastweb's FTTH fiber in 30 Italian cities reaches a download speed of 2.5 Gbps: in the future the goal will be to reach 10 Gbps, but this is not the short-term goal. The current focus, in fact, is to try to stem the differences between large cities and small municipalities: in this regard, Calcagno recalled that currently Fastweb has reached 130 cities with 5G FWA , bringing an average speed of 600 Mbps.

Obviously there was no lack of references to 5G mobile, which today reaches 35 provincial capitals but whose the goal is to reach 90% of the Italian population by 2025.

But the focus of today's presentation was the announcement by Nexxt and Booster , the company's new devices with Alexa integrated .

Fastweb NeXXt is the company's new reference router, but it is also a real device for voice assistants: it integrates microphones and speakers, to allow interaction with Alexa.

Thanks to the integration with Alexa, it will be possible to perform voice requests to check the connection and run speedtes t , but Fastweb has also provided advanced configurations that can be managed entirely with the voice.

For example, during the presentation, we talked about cinema mode which gives priority to smart TV and streaming services and turns off the lights in the living room, mode smart working to give priority to the connection of the working PC and so on.

Obviously, Fastweb NeXXt has a built-in firewall and has WiFi 6 .

The Booster, the smaller of the two devices presented today, is instead a signal amplifier, which creates a mesh network to carry the signal throughout the house. Booster also has Alexa integrated.

Both NeXXt and Booster will be controllable not only by voice, but also with MyFastweb application and , obviously, web interface.

The Fastweb Nexxt router will soon be included in the price for new subscribers, while existing customers will be able to request it by paying the one-off cost of € 49 .