Filo Tag Review, the smart finder for iOS and Android

Filo Tag is a small smart object, the size of a small lighter, designed to define in a simple way the enormous difference between the terms “search” and “find”, a difference that is usually not perceived correctly until moment in which it is needed.

In fact, Filo is used to find the keys, the smartphone, the backpack, the wallet, the bag or substantially anything to which we have attached it (via the convenient hook), thanks to an integrated ringtone or a smartphone App.

We tried it for a couple of weeks without, fortunately, losing anything but putting it to the test often, with very good results.

Filo Tag

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  • Filo Tag, the review

    Losing the impossible, not an easy practice

    With all the respect in the world, only the writer could write this review in his own hand, because among my colleagues I pride myself on having lost practically everything in life.

    Umbrellas, bags, key rings, wallets, iPods and once even the wife in the supermarket: if we add to this the stolen things we arrive at record numbers with also watches, travel bags, a MacBook Pro and an iPhone. In short, I can say that I am a professional.

    Hence the desire to try Filo Tag, an object that, if it cannot prevent a theft, at least allows a more reliable search, finding the object almost certainly in case of loss.

    1 of 3 Recensione Filo Tag, il trovatutto intelligente Recensione Filo Tag, il trovatutto intelligente Recensione Filo Tag, il trovatutto intelligente

    Losing the impossible, not an easy practice

    Filo Tag comes in a small box where, inside, there is only the object. No cables, no trinkets, just the small device and an App to download for smartphones.

    Inside there is a CR2032 battery that guarantees one year of life, at the end of which it is enough to replace it: the dimensions are minute, 26x42x6 millimeters for an object that has a Bluetooth LE 4.0 connection and a single central button.

    Compatibility is very wide and basically it is enough to have an iPhone, an iPad or an Android device that is not very old to be able to use it (with also the App for Apple Watch).

    The first operation is the pairing with the smartphone, easy and fast, which allows Filo Tag to take advantage of the shared GPS and to detect either the current position, if in range, or the last detected.

    1 of 3 Recensione Filo Tag, il trovatutto intelligente Recensione Filo Tag, il trovatutto intelligente Recensione Filo Tag, il trovatutto intelligente

    A bell that rings

    The use of the Filo Tag is really trivial: a click on the central button located in the Device allows the smartphone to ring (even if locked), thus allowing you to track the iPhone if by chance it ended up inside the sofa cushions.

    Otherwise, by opening the App, a tap on the central icon is enough to make Filo Tag play, so that it can be found again if in the range.

    The sound is good, it is also heard from room to room and on a fairly distinguishable frequency.

    Recensione Filo Tag, il trovatutto intelligente

    The App also allows the activation of a comfort zone, which alerts the user when he loses the signal with Filo Tag, useful in very crowded or “at risk” areas (at the airport, on the train, at school or even in the office , maybe).

    The operation of Filo Tag is all here: simple and effective, perhaps other functions will be integrated in the future. For example it would have been interesting if two Filo Tags could work alone without the smartphone to find each other, but maybe we're digressing.

    Recensione Filo Tag, il trovatutto intelligente


    Available in four colors (Black, Red, Blue and White) Filo Tag is an object whose operation is, to be honest, delightfully banal.

    This is because, said by those who really know a lot, when an object is lost the only thing we want is to find it, without many frills or wasting time.

    Filo Tag does it, at an overall acceptable price and a very well made App: it is not a utopia to attach it to the pants of younger children when they play in the park, in addition to all the simpler and more obvious things.

    Recensione Filo Tag, il trovatutto intelligente


    • Small and practical • Works in two ways • App done very well


    • GPS is only shared


    • 34.90 Euro (there are also multiple packs)

    Readers can find Filo Tag on the parent company's website, or directly from pages in packs of one, two or four with obviously progressive savings.