[Seed] Freelancers: FinTech Rollee raises 4 million euros from Speedinvest

[Seed] Freelancers: FinTech Rollee raises 4 million euros from Speedinvest

In France, the number of self-employed workers is estimated at around 3 million. A figure that is steadily increasing, and which concerns more and more young people. Faced with the difficulties of these self-employed to benefit from financial services and insurance, because they are often perceived as workers in an “unstable” situation, the French startup Rollee has launched a service allowing them to provide information on their income in order to reassure suppliers. financial services.

FinTech is accelerating with a second funding round of 4 million euros, carried out with Speedinvest, Seedcamp and 20VC, with the participation of business angels. “The purpose of this fundraising is to accelerate in terms of recruitment and to invest in marketing and switching”, comments Ali Hamriti, CEO of Rollee. “Our ambition is to continue our growth on the British and French market and to be able to enter the German market, with the support of Speedinvest”.

“Better assess the professional situation”

The project was launched in 2021 under the impetus of Ali Hamriti, former Head of Data at Ditto and specialist in credit scoring, Pierrick Legrand, ex-Sales Director at CapSens, and joined by Thomas Godart, ex-CTO at GreenFlex which he accompanied until the sale to Total. “We realized that there was a problem of accessibility to professional data. This data is important to be able to better assess someone's professional situation”.

Rollee, which is aimed at financial service providers (banks, FinTech, insurance), can concern employees as well as the self-employed. But FinTech focuses primarily on this last category. “We decided to focus first on the self-employed, and in particular in the gig economy, because many of them are wrongly considered to have an unstable situation”.

Find the full interview with Ali Hamriti, co-founder and CEO of Rollee:

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