How Manager One Online Banking Achieved Profitability

How Manager One Online Banking Achieved Profitability

After the record results of traditional banks like BNP Paribas (9.5 billion euros in profits in 2021) and Société Générale (5.6 billion euros in profits in 2021), where are the online banks? If the British Revolut dominates Europe, French banks dedicated to professionals are creating a place for themselves in this competitive market.

In this sector, the BtoB bank Manager One has just achieved profitability. How did this French FinTech make profits? “Regarding Manager One, we have 3 models”, specifies Adrien Touati, CEO of Manager One. “The first is the monthly subscription (a single price valid for all our customers). Then we have interchange revenue, that is, each transaction generates a small commission for the bank. Finally, we offer financial services to our customers, such as virtual card solutions. »

Faced with Manager One, the French FinTech Qonto remains in search of profitability despite its valuation estimated at 4.4 billion euros since its last funding round of 486 million euros last January. For Manager One, the ambition is now to seize the right opportunities, with the right partners. “Today, I'm not looking for funds at all costs, but if tomorrow a partner allows me to accelerate by writing a great story, why not”.

Find the interview with Adrien Touati, CEO of Manager One, at the microphone of Richard Menneveux :

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