Firefox 89 is all new! Biggest Update of 2021 Reduces Buttons and Frustration (Photos)

Firefox is completely renewed in form and substance thanks to the new major release arrived with the version 89 . This browser update of Mozilla represents a decisive step towards the future, as it brings with it a net redesign of the interface and functionality. From today, therefore, Firefox is a clearer, simpler and faster browser, with a more modern look that aims to avoid user frustration and minimize on-screen distractions. Let's go and see together all the most important news and how they were made.

Main news

The main window of the Mozilla browser has been totally simplified, eliminating the buttons and functions less used by users. The new, more minimal design aims to give users everything they need, saving clicks and effort. Here are the major innovations of Firefox 89 .

  • Simplified main bar : less frills for the top bar, which now features only the essential keys: navigation buttons, address bar, quick settings;

  • Clearer menus : both the hamburger menu (top right button) and the right-click panel are now both clearer to read and beautiful to look at, with less cryptic descriptions and fewer icons ;

  • New Tabs with more information : the tabs of the web pages have a completely new shape, they are easier to move and under the title it is possible to read additional information, to understand for example which is the tab with a video in reproduction;

  • Reorganized notifications : multiple settings in a single notification, so as to reduce the number and waste fewer clicks;

  • New iOS version : The Firefox version for iPhone and iOS has been completely modernized with a new tab view window, faster search and better clarity of icons and option names;

  • Anonymous mode : it is now possible to use the Total Cookie Protection technology even during anonymous browsing.

Analysis and design

All this work was possible thanks to the analysis of the data provided by users, especially by looking at which are the most used areas on the browser interface. As you can see from the image below, there are very “ hot ” spots (those colored in red and yellow) that are often used, but also “ cold areas “(Those in blue and purple) where there are very few clicks.

Thanks to user feedback , the Mozilla programmers have managed to rebalance the user experience, working on both aesthetics and functionality. As always, great importance has also been given to performance and privacy , with new technologies that have increased both the optimization in the use of hardware resources and protection for personal data.

Availability and downloads

Firefox 89 is available from today June 1, 2021 on all platforms: there are both desktop ( Windows , Linux , macOS ) and mobile ( Android and iOS ). If you are already a Firefox user, the update rollout is already in progress and you may soon receive the update notification. If you want to download the new version of the browser, find the links for each platform below.


Firefox 89 – Video