Firefox 90 introduces SmartBlock 2.0, to block Facebook even better

Mozilla has announced the new version of its browser: on desktop and Android is available Firefox 90 , which introduces some interesting news.

As for the desktop browser, with this update comes the SmartBlock 2.0 : this is the new version of the Firefox anti-tracking system, active in incognito windows or by selecting the Restrictive in the privacy settings. The biggest news of this new SmartBlock is the management of Facebook: the trackers of the social network were already blocked and will continue to be, but now it will still be possible to log in with Facebook, for those who want it.

The complete blocking of Facebook, in fact, prevented you from authenticating with your profile on sites that require a login and this often involved a waste of time. Now, however, by clicking on the login button with Facebook, SmartBlock will only unlock the scripts needed to authenticate, and then block everything again as soon as you log in.

In addition to SmartBlock 2.0, among other interesting innovations we point out the removal of the support for the FTP protocol and the possibility of managing the options for the HTTPS-Only mode.

Finally, only for the Windows version, the updates arrive in the background , which automatically check for new versions and install the updates when Firefox is not in use.

To learn more about Firefox 90 you can consult the official Mozilla website, while to find out about the news of the Android variant (such as the possibility of saving credit card information ) we refer to our article about.