Fossil will not update its smartwatches to the new Wear OS

Bad news for all owners of a Fossil smartwatch: the company has just announced that it will not update the models currently on the market to the new version of Wears OS.

The new operating system dedicated to wearable devices and developed by Google in collaboration with Samsung will only be installed on the next Fossil wearables. This means that Gen 4, 5 and 5E smartwatches will be cut off.

Greg McKelvey and Steve Prokup, Sales Director and Vice President of Fossil Connected Devices, respectively, said the company is currently working on a high-end device that offers superior performance over other models, new health-related features and a longer battery life.

From this we can deduce that the selling price of the sixth generation Fossils will certainly be higher than the current ones. Its debut is expected by the end of the year and for now it does not seem that the company also wants to aim at the creation of cheaper devices.