Galaxy Note 10+ review: the benchmark for smartphones with a monster display

A few months after the release on the market we try the most powerful of the Galaxy Note released so far. We are talking about the Note 10+, which also boasts 12 GB of RAM among its exceptional features. The terminal takes up the good that Samsung has done with the S10 Plus, but raises the bar to propose a device that can completely satisfy the user. Let's try to understand if the goal has been achieved.

First of all, the aesthetics. In a stage where it is still difficult to amaze at a glance, due to the extreme solutions presented by many manufacturers, Samsung included with the Galaxy Fold, Note 10+ still manages to be appreciated from the first start, thanks to the extremely small frames. on the top and bottom, and totally non-existent on the sides due to the curved display.

Recensione Galaxy Note 10+

Galaxy Note 10 Plus is a concentrate of style. First of all, it features a mammoth 6.8-inch display, surrounded by some of the thinnest bezels ever seen on a smartphone. To break the homogeneity of the display only a small central hole for the selfie camera, which can literally disappear thanks to the ad hoc wallpapers, which we found on the Galaxy Store, and which we particularly appreciated.

Recensione Galaxy Note 10+

Without going around it, the display is something exceptional, but the terminal also has its say on the back. In our hands we have the Aura Glow version. It is difficult to say what the color of this terminal is. It is a mix of iridescence and chromatic effects: this Note 10+ has the same color as a soap bubble crossed by sunlight. The result is captivating, if we want magical, truly intriguing. Anyone planning to cover it with a back cover will do well to choose another device, except to choose a completely transparent one.

Recensione Galaxy Note 10+

Also on the back Note 10+ has a body camera with 4 sensors arranged in a vertical line, not flush but slightly protruding: the back is also elegant.

Obviously, the negative side of such a shiny, mirror-like rear surface is easy to guess: the footprints that will force themselves to settle on the back cover will ruin a little the magic we mentioned above. We will therefore find ourselves cleaning it frequently.

Recensione Galaxy Note 10+

Note 10+ does not make compactness its workhorse, yet it is handled particularly well, it offers very functional one-handed gestures and overall it also seems lighter than it actually is: it weighs 196 grams , which might seem a lot in the abstract, but they are very few if you consider the size of the terminal. For measuring 62.3 x 77.2 mm it is really a “featherweight”.

Recensione Galaxy Note 10+

Those who come from any previous Note will have no trouble handling this device, while for those who are used to having a smaller or lighter device in their hands, a few hours will pass before being comfortable. Even those coming from a 6.5-inch iPhone, such as XS or 11 Pro Max will feel comfortable, considering that Note 10 Plus weighs much less than the two aforementioned Apple terminals.

Recensione Galaxy Note 10+

All the buttons of the smartphone are positioned on the left side. It will be a simple matter of habit, and yet during the first few days we were slightly taken aback. Used to find the standby button on the right, it was hard to accept the absence of any key on this terminal part.

Recensione Galaxy Note 10+

All the buttons on the phone are located on the left side. Moreover, the button under the volume rocker, which on all terminals (or almost) is used to turn the smartphone on and off, is instead used to activate quick functions, such as the Bixby assistant. To turn off the terminal, you can use a software button in the notifications menu, or use the volume down + Bixby key combination. A little strange, and probably uncomfortable, but during our use, in fact, we never turned off the samrtphone.

Note 10 Plus has the same ultrasonic fingerprint sensor as the S10 range, positioned under the glass at the front. It is certainly a reactive, fast and reliable sensor, even if to tell the truth it did not seem the best ever. Surely it is not able to compete with physical sensors, and in everyday life we ​​have almost always preferred to use the Face Unlock unlocking system: it will not be among the safest, yet it works well .

Recensione Galaxy Note 10+

On the bottom there is no headphone jack, and we did not find the dongle inside the package. Not bad considering that in the package you will still find AKG earphones with USB-C connector; of course, however, that adding a dongle in the package would have been the minimum for a terminal that list costs over 1200 euros.

The panel has already been directly praised, since it captures the user's full attention right from the start. This is the same dynamic AMOLED panel that debuted on the S10 range, with 3,040 x 1,440 resolution at 498 pixels per inch , certified HDR10 + . The screen is sharp, vivid, and the black levels are total.

Recensione Galaxy Note 10+

The writer does not like to watch movies and TV series on the move on smartphones, but with Note 10+ some exceptions are certainly granted. It will be a real godsend for commuters who won't want to give up watching their favorite series on Netflix thanks to the low-priced gigs made available by operators like Iliad.


Talking about performance is really superfluous. What could we ever say again about a terminal with Snapdragon 855 processor paired with 12 GB of RAM ? The experience of general use is lightning-fast, even when we decided, just for sport, to literally engulf multitasking, opening an infinite number of applications, removed from the background only days later. If we were to complain about something, just for the sake of it, we could talk about the absence of the 855 Plus CPU, capable of improving graphics performance, but to tell the truth it will be difficult, indeed impossible, to distinguish the two processors in everyday use for most users.

Recensione Galaxy Note 10+

It is clear that the power of this terminal will not disappoint anyone, from any point of view. The productivity apps are the best on this device, also thanks to the S-Pen that the device is equipped with, with advanced functions for taking photos and handwriting. Even those who use the device, and the immense display, to play will not be disappointed. Games like PUBG: Mobile run smoothly, although the terminal tends to heat up in the long run, while showing no sign of lag or drop in frame rate.

It supports the UFS 3.0 specification, which results in faster loading screens. Inside, the memory is 256 GB , but there is also the possibility of sacrificing a Sim to insert a MicroSD .

S Pen

Note 10+ also features the S Pen, a tool that further distinguishes the Note series from the S series. It is incorporated inside the terminal and is removed from the bottom of the terminal, located next to the USB-C port. Last year Samsung had improved the usability of the stylus with the addition of Bluetooth, which of course is also repeated in this edition. This means that the S Pen can activate certain features remotely, such as taking a photo.

Recensione Galaxy Note 10+

This year's S Pen is also redesigned, comfortable to hold and when you remove it from your smartphone you can access a series of quick functions, even customizable, to immediately take notes. There is also automatic text recognition, which converts handwriting into editable text. It works fine, even if not 100%.

To be fair, while the stylus works well, taking notes on the Note 10+'s screen isn't all that comfortable. The screen on which to write is, I play force, slippery, and certainly does not return the sensation of writing on a sheet of paper. Moreover, the narrow screen, which on the one hand allows you to better grip the device during everyday life, is not ideal for taking notes. In short, the functions of the S-Pen, unless you are a real handwriting fanatic, will not be among the most used.

The S Pen also features the Air Actions feature, which Samsung recently announced alongside the Galaxy Tab S6 and which allows you to wave the stylus in the air, like a magic wand, to control certain apps, such as changing camera modes with a touch. zoom in a circular motion. again, you can use these gestures to switch between Live Focus mode and Photo mode when taking selfies. It works well, but even in this case we didn't feel the need to use them often.

Recensione Galaxy Note 10+

Curious and fun can be the use of the AR drawing function, which allows you to write, for example, on your face, and then generate videos with a lot of doodle on the screen.

Overall, many of the S Pen's features still seem like gimmicks to entertain initially, but not to be used frequently.


Note 10 Plus has three cameras, as well as a ToF lens. The main sensor is 12 MP, with variable aperture between f / 1.5 and f / 2.4, with optical image stabilization, flanked by a 12 MP f / 2.1 telephoto lens with OIS and a third ultra-wide sensor 16 MP, with f / 2.2 aperture. There is also a Time of Flight sensor with VGA resolution f / 1.4, not available on the standard version of the Galaxy Note 10, which will help to capture greater depth in portrait mode (called Live Focus).

Recensione Galaxy Note 10+

Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+ Recensione Galaxy Note 10+

The telephoto lens has a wider aperture, therefore able to help in low-light shooting. The camera app runs smoothly and shoots quickly, resulting in an overall enjoyable experience.

Recensione Galaxy Note 10+

Among the various modes, the one called Live Fire, which is Samsung's portrait mode, which also works for videos. It works very well, even if it is necessary that the framed subject is particularly still. Among the various effects supported in the video mode, the “glitch” one that offers an image with graphic errors to record videos that appear to have been hacked.

The terminal is also capable of recording 4K video at 60 FPS, as well as offering particularly fun modes such as Super Slow Motion: Note 10+ is a very good terminal for shooting videos as well.

Battery life per recharge

Galaxy Note 10+ offers a 4,300 mAh battery, which unfortunately does not work miracles. With moderate use you will arrive in the evening with a 20% charge, while with heavier use you will not arrive at the end of the day, but a small top-up will be necessary in the afternoon.

The applause that must be given to Samsung is that it has managed to insert such a large battery into a 7.9 mm thin body. Furthermore, among the “pros”, Galaxy Note 10 Plus recharges very quickly thanks to the 25 W charger included in the package: it takes just over an hour to fully charge.

Wireless charging is also available, which takes place via Fast Wireless Charging 2.0, which allows complete charging in about 2 and a half hours. Moreover, the reverse charging function is particularly interesting: Note 10+ is a power bank that wirelessly charges third-party devices, such as smartphones enabled for Qi charging.


  • Display
  • Well assembled
  • Despite the size it is used well
  • Always fluid
  • Multimedia Department

  • Improved Touch ID
  • Certainly not cheap at list price
  • Price and availability

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus costs 1229 euros in the list, but on Amazon you can buy less than 1000 euros, directly at this address, in the variant 12 GB of RAM + 256 GB of integrated memory.


    Note 10 Plus is a winning terminal. Taking excellent photos, it is the maximum power, in everyday life it is a splinter and has one of the most appreciable displays on a smartphone. The S Pen may not be the most important feature, but it still has its valid uses.