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Google, Gmail and YouTube return to normal after suffering problems in Mexico

Update, March 22 at 18:40 (Central Mexico Time): For now, it seems that Google, Gmail and YouTube work again with normal in the country.

Update, March 22 at 17:50 (Central Mexico Time): Google Drive and Spotify are not working properly in Mexico either.

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During the last few minutes, reports on connection problems in Google services in Mexico have multiplied. At best, the browser, as well as Gmail and YouTube, take a considerable amount of time to load. Websites like Downdetector already show that users are expressing their concern because, in the case of the email platform, it is essential for work —and YouTube to waste time at work, of course—.

Curiously, Google has not been the only one affected by this situation during this week. Just on Monday, iCloud and other Apple services were down for almost three hours. Apple TV+, Apple Music, the App Store, and the iTunes Store were inaccessible almost everywhere in the world. In fact, Apple's physical stores lost access to the support and shopping system, so employees were forced to use pen and paper to continue with the workday.

Credit: Unsplash Of course, it is normal that suspicions are generated because these situations are occurring at a time when cyber attacks have intensified due to the war in Ukraine. However, it is important to mention that, at the moment, neither Google nor Apple have linked these inconveniences to the aforementioned armed conflict. Everything will be speculation until we have more information about it. In the case of those from Cupertino, they did not clarify what caused the failure in their services.

It would not be the first time that Internet users suffer from the fall of Google platforms. However, it is not common for the search engine to have problems as well. On the other hand, it seems that we are talking about an isolated event that only affects Mexico and other Latin American countries. There is no information indicating a similar situation in the United States and Europe, for example.

We will be updating this post as more relevant data becomes available. Remember that the fall of Google and other popular internet platforms becomes an excellent opportunity to meet the people around you.