Harry Potter would appreciate the work of this (somewhat creepy) AI (updated)

Deep Nostalgia was born with a noble purpose, but can be used for many others …

Remember the animated portraits of Harry Potter ? One might think that with modern smartphones we had already reached that point, because in fact it has been years that it is possible to capture animated photos , with the software that now many producers several make available. But what he proposes to do Deep Nostalgia is something a little different .

This new AI is in fact able to take any photo , even those very, very old, and animate it. Its noble purpose would in fact be to upload the photo of a deceased loved one , to see him “come back to life”, in a certain sense; to see him smile, move, look at us. “ Deep nostalgia “, deep nostalgia , is basically the right name.

Too bad that the algorithm works with any photo, of any face (it does not animate other parts of the body), even of statues or paintings, for example, and this has immediately unleashed the fantasies of the internet, turning it into a sort of meme generator .

authors ensure that the photos uploaded to the service will not be resold to third parties , and those uploaded without completing the registration will automatically deleted (you can load 5 before having to register). So if you want to try, this is the link you are looking for: the result will (most likely) surprise you.

Update 05/04/2021

A little over a month after its launch, Deep Nostalgia introduces 10 new animations, backed by a success that led to the creation of well 72 million animations so far. The 10 new expressions added today are the following, but beware because they are only available to subscribers

  • Smile
  • Dance 1
  • Dance 2
  • Kiss
  • Thankful
  • Kiss and wink
  • Eyebrows
  • Approval
  • Sideways
  • Compassion

We take this opportunity to remind you that you can revive your photos also thanks to the MyHeritage mobile app, available for Android and iOS. Below are a couple of examples of the new animations.