Here is Hotline, the Clubhouse “competitor” branded Facebook (photo)

We have already told you about the intentions of Facebook to create a platform similar to Clubhouse , the social network based on audio. It would seem that the Zuckerberg company is already well on its way to work and Hotline is proof of that.

Created by NPE Team , a division of Facebook that deals with creating “experimental software”, Hotline is a platform of questions and answers which borrows the “audio only” nature from Clubhouse, with some differences however. Hotline is accessible from the web , but at the moment it is obviously not available in Italy and it is still necessary to register on a waiting list before being able to use the service .

The differences with Clubhouse are however many: Hotline also allows you to record videos , which will then be streamed and, in general, the rooms of the Facebook platform are more “formal” than those of the social network: the “presenters” of the room can invite someone among the spectators on the virtual stage and entertain conversations longer than a simple question and answer and it is possible for the audience to send reactions via emoji .

As mentioned, Hotline is not available in Italy and we do not know if it will ever arrive in our country.