Here's how to have the dark theme even in the web version of Instagram (photo)

The dark theme in our devices which in our applications has now become a constant. After it was introduced system-wide in both Android and iOS, app developers have tried to keep up with the news by equipping their creations with this much-loved new feature. Even the web versions, such as those of Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp Web, have not been left behind, unlike Instagram which still has none. However, a solution has been found and with this little trick even the photographic social network can be performed via browser with the dark theme .

To make the arcane discovery is the researcher Alessandro Paluzzi , who suggested through a post on Twitter to copy and paste the following URL in the address bar of your Internet browser:

However, it must be remembered that the parameter in question activates this page display mode only when the link is used, and cannot be activated permanently. Alternatively, it is possible to save bookmarks in the section, so as to always have it at hand.

Finally, remember that if you use Google Chrome as a browser , by activating a special flag it is possible to force the dark mode on all the websites you visit. This method works on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS, but the result may not be as satisfying as that offered by an app's native dark theme.