Here's what awaits us with version 91 of Chrome: new button design on Android (photo)

A little more than a week after the release of version 90 of Chrome, which brought many useful functions and a security improvement thanks to the use of the protocol HTTPS by default, we are already talking about the next update of the Google browser .

In a post on the Chromium Blog we talked about the functions under development for Chromium 91 version , or the “base” on which Google Chrome or the new Microsoft Edge are built. The first change will concern the Chrome clipboard : with version 91 it will be possible to upload files from the computer to the browser simply by copying and pasting , instead of using the drag function. Among other things, this feature can already be activated on the Chrome 91 beta by activating the flag Clipboard filenames .

The second noteworthy novelty concerns the “rejuvenation” of some icons linked to the form controls on Android : these new graphic elements, created in collaboration with Microsoft, will better support the dark mode and will be easier to use on touch screens . At the moment the release date of this update is not known , but we will surely know more in the coming weeks.