How to create Twitch polls for your viewers

How to create Twitch polls for your viewers


One of the things that makes Twitch such a great streaming platform is the ability to communicate with your favorite streamers. Or vice versa. The streamer can read his viewers in real time. Chat comments, surprise subscriptions, emoticons and badges… And then there are the Twitch polls. Creating surveys is easy and will help you learn more about your audience. And for its part, voting in polls is one more way to interact with your reference streamers.

The theme of the survey that you want to create is up to you. You can ask what games you should playin your next direct or what topics to cover in your streams, ask your followers how their day is going, what their favorite movie is or which streamer you should try to make a group stream or invite to your channel.

Creating Twitch polls is relatively easy. Also, any of your viewers will be able to vote in your polls. Of course, there is a requirement to do surveys on your channel: you will have to be a member or affiliate. To be, you must be an active streamer to have a minimum number of hours of broadcasting and followers and thus be able to request to become an affiliate and, later, a partner.

Create Polls on Twitch

Let's say you have a Twitch channel. You are a member or affiliate and you want to ask your audience something. You can do it live and wait for them to respond in chat. But if you have many followers, it will be difficult for you to order those responses. Better to create surveys with a limited number of responses. This way you will see the most voted option instantly.

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If you want to create polls you will have to go to the Twitch control panel. From the Stream manager you will have access to the usual options in the form of shortcuts. The first time you will have to click on Create a new poll (Create a New Poll). From now on, all you have to do is click on Encuesta Nueva (New Poll). In the list of shortcuts, if you qualify, you will see a shortcut called Manage Poll. From that shortcut you can also create polls to show on your channel.

Filling in the fields of the survey has no secret. You give it a title with the question you are going to ask your audience, maximum 60 characters, and then the possible answers, maximum 25 characters. Minimum two, maximum five. Finally, we indicate the time that the survey will be open . One minute, several minutes… You choose.

Optionally, there are three features that you can activate in your Twitch polls. The first, allow voting with Bits. Thus, whoever wants to vote several times, can do so normally and then an additional vote through Bits. You decide the amount of Bits per vote. Another option counts for two the vote of the subscribers. And finally, you can limit your surveys to subscribers only.

Once you have configured the survey, click on Start survey and wait for the results of your audience. In the survey panel you will see in real time the votes and percentage of each option. When it finishes, you will be able to see a breakdown with the results. Finally, keep in mind that you can only have one active survey. You can create the ones you want but one by one.

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Vote in Twitch polls

As a creator or streamer you can create polls. And as a Twitch viewer or follower you can vote in polls. It is not mandatory but it is one of the advantages of following Twitch channels. When a streamer creates a poll on their channel, a screen will appear in the upper corner of the chat window. You can unfold it and see all the options of the survey.

There are two ways to vote in polls on Twitch. The obvious one, clicking on the preferred option of the survey and then on the button Vote. The second way to vote is from the chat itself. To do this you can use the vote command /vote followed by the number of the option you want to vote for. From 1 to 5, depending on the answers configured by the creator of the survey.

As we saw before, creators can limit polls to subscribers and/or make their votes count twice as much as normal votes. It is also possible to vote using Bits. Depending on the activated options you will be able to vote or not in that poll. And when the survey ends, you will see the results publicly for one minute.

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