How to take screenshots on Android

How to take screenshots on Android


We have all received a screenshot . An Instagram photo, a funny press headline, a funny WhatsApp conversation… Screenshots are used to share what you see precisely on the screen of your computer, tablet or smartphone. And how could it be otherwise, Android devices have this function. Of course, it is not always easy to take screenshots on Android.

To achieve this, you do not need to install applications from Google Play. Since Android 11, this option is integrated into the operating system of your phone or device. Let's see how to carry out each of these actions. No loss.

Take a screenshot

Let's say you see something interesting on a web page, a WhatsApp conversation or in a Facebook group. You could share the link, but that post may disappear or become unavailable in the future. So the best way to record is by taking a screenshot. A graphic image that you can save and share with whoever you want.

All Android phones facilitate this operation through the buttons on the sides. Specifically, you only have to press the power button and the volume down button at the same time. You will see a flash on the screen and the sound of taking a photo. Ready. You have taken a screenshot. And it usually works with most phones Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO or Huawei, among others.

Another way to get screenshots? Press the power button of the phone for a few seconds. On the screen you will see the option Screenshot. Press it and you will capture what your Android screen shows at that moment. You will also see Take screenshot if you swipe from the bottom to the top of the screen. In addition to seeing the open windows, other options will appear such as the screenshot or the possibility of sharing a link or an application.

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Whichever method you choose, once you've taken the screenshot, you'll see a thumbnail of that screenshot. If you press it, you can edit it and thus add objects, draw or write on it. You can also share it on social networks or through another application. Otherwise, after a few seconds, the preview will disappear.

Take a screenshot with 'scrolling'

In English they are known as scrolling screenshots. In Spanish, Android officially calls them scrolling screenshots. These are images that contain the screen of your Android but also the content that is outside of the screen. Basically it is used to capture documents or complete web pages.

That is, you find an interesting web page but its size exceeds that of the screen of your Android device. Instead of making several captures to chain the content of that page, you can make a single capture, yes, with scrolling.

The good news: Android can natively take scrolling screenshots. The bad news: you'll need Android 12 or higher. If your phone has that version of Android or a newer one, press the power and volume down buttons. You will see a screen with several options. The one you are interested in is Capture more.

Follow the instructions and you will get a screenshot with the necessary extension to host a document or website, no matter how long it is. It also serves to capture any Android application or menu. And during the process, you will be able to adjust the margins and decide how far the scrolling will go.

Where are the screenshots saved

We said that once you have taken a photo of the screen, you can retrieve it for a few seconds. But where does it go when the preview disappears? Well, where do all your photos go on Android? To the app Photos.

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If you open Photos and go to Library > Screenshots, there you will see the screenshots, still and scrolling. On Android 10 or lower, instead of Library, you'll see Devices. Like any other image, you can use the editing tools to fix them, customize them and add notes or other elements. You can also send them by email, WhatsApp or other applications installed on Android and compatible with the Share.

Apps menu to take screenshots

If you don't like the official method or you have an Android version lower than 12 for scrolling, you may prefer to install one of the following apps. They will help you take screenshots of all kinds and incorporate additional features to personalize and share them. The most recommended for Android are:

LongShotScreenshot AssistantScreenshot QuickStitchcraft

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