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How to Use Android Guest Mode to Protect Privacy

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If you normally share your Android device with other family members, you do not need to view your text messages or personal photos while using the device. You can always block apps that contain your personal data, but this method has its own flaws. The good news is that there is a better way to ensure that the borrower does not have full access to your personal files. That is Android guest mode.

Guest mode, recently introduced as Android 5.0, allows users to share their device regardless of privacy. When you switch to guest mode on Android, all your data will be securely removed from your user account and will not be available to the other party.

It’s like a factory reset on your device – you get a blank slate. Don’t worry, you can easily switch to your user account (admin) and get your data and settings back.

How to Enable Guest Mode on Your Device

If you have never used Guest Mode on your device before, you need to enable the feature. You can do this by digging into your mobile settings.

1. Open the settings on your phone.

2. Scroll down and tap on this option until you find the system.

Settings System

3. Select “Multi-User”. Depending on your phone model, you must first tap Ad to see the option.

Settings Multiple Users

4. Enable “multi-user”.

Enable Multiple Users

How to Switch On the Guest Mode

After activating the guest mode on your mobile phone, you can proceed with a few taps.

1. Swipe two fingers across the display to show the quick settings panel, then swipe down again to expand it.

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2. Tap the blue user icon in the upper right corner.

Quick Settings Get To Guest Mode

3. Next, tap Guest. The phone automatically switches to guest mode.

Quick Settings Switch To Guest Mode

4. You can now give the device to anyone who wants to use it.

New Mode View

None of the apps you have installed will be available to your guests except the apps that are pre-installed with the device. When the device is recently purchased, all settings will be reset to their default, so the person using the phone no longer has the risk of browsing your photos, text, or browser history.

Pixel Apps Guest Mode

To return to your user account, re-open the Quick Settings panel and tap on the admin user account, or you can click on the “Remove Guest” option. This will lock the device first but will delete all guest session data and send it to your user account.

Go Back To Admin Mode

When someone leaves the guest mode and returns, they will be asked if they want to continue their session or start a new one. The second option allows visitors to choose where they left off, so it’s great for returning users. If a visitor wants to keep their settings and other changes for future use, the administrator can create a separate profile for him by tapping “Add User”.

There is only one option to change the guest mode on your phone. Go back to “Settings -> System -> Multitasking -> Guest”. You can enable the “Enable phone calls” option to receive calls even when someone else is using the device.

Guest Turn On Phone Calls

From the same menu, you can remove the guest from your phone or switch to guest mode if you want.

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That’s it. You have successfully enabled the Android guest mode and now can benefit from the privacy feature.

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