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If you love the Studio Display but find it expensive, Samsung's new monitor may be what you're looking for

The Studio Display is probably one of the most advanced monitors that we can find today. Features like a 27-inch 5K panel, a six-speaker system with Dolby Atmos, and a built-in camera with Center Frame for video calls make it an ideal choice for users looking for a display for their new Mac. , however, is very high, making opting for a more balanced and affordable alternative a better option for many. Samsung seems to be willing to attract this type of user with its new Smart Monitor M8, a screen that not only comes with some features of the Studio Display, but also with a design inspired by the equipment of Manzana. All this, in addition, with a much cheaper price.

The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is a 32-inch screen with 4K resolution that allows various uses. Unlike the Studio Display, which can only work when a computer is connected, the Samsung monitor has its own operating system. It is specifically the same OS that the company uses on its Smart TVs. In this way, it is possible to use the monitor as a smart screen where you can watch content from platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max or Disney +. It also includes a remote control to control the interface.

Samsung's new smart display can also be used as a conventional monitor . It has a micro HDMI port and two USB-C ports to connect devices such as laptop or desktop, and the specifications of the panel are actually quite convincing. The 32-inch LCD screen with 4K resolution is 60 Hz, like the Studio Display.

Account, on the other hand, with a brightness of 400 nits, as well as an sRGB color space of 99%. It also has a 5w stereo sound system. Another interesting feature of the Samsung monitor is that it includes a magnetic webcam that can be attached to the top of the screen. They are slightly lower specifications than the Apple monitor, but according to its price, which does not exceed 800 euros.

Samsung's monitor is very similar in design to the Studio Display and iMac, but for a lower price

Where there are similarities between the Samsung Smart Monitor M8 and the Studio Display, is in the design. Samsung, in fact, also seems to have been inspired by the 24-inch iMac that the apple company announced in 2021. The monitor is available in four colors: white, blue, green and pink; tones very similar to those of the Apple iMac. Its base also has an air of the Apple screen.

The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is now available in the United States at a price of 729 dollars, about 665 euros to change. It costs about 1,100 euros less than the Studio Display, whose price is 1,779 euros.