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Iliad fiber disconnections are (still) a problem

Iliad fiber has been a reality for more than a month now, and in the midst of the many praises, there is also some flaw, in particular disconnections from the network (and therefore also from the telephone).

In fact, a good number of users reported occasional connection failures , which usually resolve themselves within a few minutes. These are random and unpredictable events, which can occur both day and night, literally at any time.

As a rule you might not even notice it : internet pages have their own cache, most software, once started, works offline, and even YouTube videos (and similar) have their own buffering for similar cases. But think about if this happens to you during a work call , or while playing online , or if you want to reach your home appliances from the outside but they are isolated. In short, it is easy to imagine different scenarios in which the total loss of connection to the network could be a big problem.

Your iliadbox Server is currently connected to the Internet.
You can find more precise information on the status of your connection by following this link: http: // myiliadbox /
Once the problem is resolved, if this page is still displayed, restart the Internet browser

This is the warning that your browser could give you in case of such situations, inviting you to check the connection status of the iliadbox. By accessing the management software of the router it is in fact possible to start the “iliadbox status” app, which will not only notify you of the functioning of the connection at that precise moment, but will also provide you with a history of its progress in the past days.

As you can see from the example image above, there was a blackout last Thursday, which lasted about a minute, but today the situation is far more tragic. In the middle of the night there were 5 minutes of disconnection, and then again from 11:12 until practically 11:20, and then a half hour later even longer (over a quarter of an hour): it is impossible not to notice a similar come and go of the connection!

However, what appears to be a worsening of the situation , could instead be a positive signal . Iliad confirmed a few days ago to DDay that the problem had been identified and being resolved , denying that it is an overheating of the router itself (as hypothesized by some users who had tried solutions ” fanciful “to cool it down), but rather a network configuration problem.

The application of the necessary patches could therefore be the reason for these more prolonged and frequent blackouts, in the hope that the situation will stabilize soon. However, we do not have precise confirmations in this regard, nor official timing to be communicated to you, moreover, together with the connection, the telephone service also goes away , which is much slower to get up and running again than when you get back online.

Therefore, if your iliad fiber should be (extremely) a dancer, at least you will know that you are not alone waiting for the fix.

Source: FibraClick Forum