Iliad fiber in Italy? Important signals arrive from France (photos)

There are interesting news for those who await the official landing of the Iliad fixed network in Italy. From France, interesting details about the operating system installed on the Freebox have just been leaked.

The Freebox is the device that plays the roles of modem and Android box for subscribers to Free, the French telephone operator to which Iliad belongs. As you can see from the screenshots in gallery , some users have noticed that Freebox OS , the operating system of the Freebox, supports the Italian language . The support is implemented in full, to the point that it is possible to choose the Italian language as the system .

Clearly this does not automatically imply that the Freeboxes are about to arrive also in Italy to support the Iliad fiber network: it is also plausible that the Free operator has chosen to integrate support for Italian for the number of Italian subscribers living in France, as well as for the English language. On the other hand we must also note that this before was not available , so it is also absolutely plausible that Free is preparing the ground for the launch of the Iliad landline in Italy. In fact, we do not expect Iliad not to take advantage of the software resources already available to Free.