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Iliadbox is updated: among the novelties, the interface restyling

Iliad in recent days has released a firmware update of its iliadbox . Among the novelties, the total restyling of the graphic interface , which can be accessed through the website

The procedure for updating to firmware 4.5.5-pre3 , if it has not happened automatically, is quite simple: it will be enough to restart everything . You can do it in two ways: by clicking on the icon at the bottom left of the advanced menu or directly from the iliadbox , or by scrolling through the menu on the display until you click on the reboot item.

The predominant shade of the new graphic interface is the red color , while at the content level the function that allows the rotation of both the time and the writings on the iliadbox display has been enabled . Finally, to change the various parameters, click on “Iliadbox parameters” / “Advanced mode” / Screen “. In this way, various parameters can be set, such as the brightness of the screen and the orientation of the display.

Via: UniversoFree