Inateck Wireless Presenter Review, the (almost) perfect digital hunchback

Who makes presentations in the classroom, during fairs, conferences, demonstrations or the like almost immediately understands the convenience of having a remote control that facilitates operations, such as this Inateck Wireless Presenter.

A kind of “digital hunchback” that does not do the job for us, but automates many operations, often avoiding unnecessary movements and speeding up the most common and boring phases, helping concentration by focusing only on content and not on moments of distraction. Inateck Wireless Presenter is very simple, it doesn't work miracles but it can help a lot and the lightsaber handle is comfortable because it never gets lost, as well as a (finally) large pointer.

Recensione Inateck Presentatore Wireless, il gobbo digitale (quasi) perfetto

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  • Inateck Wireless Presenter, the review

    Like Luke Skywalker

    It will be a bit the shaped shape, which favors the grip as if it were a sword, the look a bit hi-tech but not too much but the first time we took it we felt a bit like Luke Skywalker when tried the first lightsaber inside the Millennium Falcon.

    Out of the box, the remote control is immediately ready for use: just unhook the USB-A wireless antenna from the bottom and insert it into the Mac (for those who have a new Mac with USB-C ports only there are several adapters, we have listed some here) to be immediately operational, without the need (which is not a trivial matter) to install drivers, an important factor because it happened to have to change computers 30 seconds from the presentation to the public.

    1 of 3 Recensione Inateck Presentatore Wireless, il gobbo digitale (quasi) perfetto Recensione Inateck Presentatore Wireless, il gobbo digitale (quasi) perfetto Recensione Inateck Presentatore Wireless, il gobbo digitale (quasi) perfetto

    Inateck Wireless Presenter is constructed entirely of rigid and smooth plastic, apart from the top buttons which are made of soft rubber.

    The first button you try, partly because it is the largest but also because it is beautiful red and prominent is that of the LED: a red light of very generous dimensions (practically the same as the apple that is just below the display of the iMac) shot from the main lens, placed in front of the remote control.

    In practice, an invisible sword that allows us to indicate different areas of the screen, or even outside, but large enough to be seen by everyone, and also recognized (often with smaller lasers you need to move the pointer to indicate the point, with this LED instead it is impossible not to notice the position).

    Recensione Inateck Presentatore Wireless, il gobbo digitale (quasi) perfetto

    The basic commands

    In addition to the handy red laser, there are other buttons, typically used with the thumb: the two arrows allow you to scroll through the pages of a presentation, while the Play button alternates between full screen and composition mode.

    The last button allows the advancement of a step between the elements, a factor that changes from App to App: in PowerPoint, for example, it selectively activates the elements within the presentation, making it more surgical than the Next page command. On the side, more secluded and smaller, there are the volume adjustment controls, while on the opposite side the small switch turns the remote control on and off.

    Just below the latter there is the USB-C connector for charging, with a USB-C / USB-A cable included in the package, which however from our tests appears valid only for charging, it is not able to carry data ( that the remote control is not needed, but it was useful as an aid in general).

    1 of 3 Recensione Inateck Presentatore Wireless, il gobbo digitale (quasi) perfetto Recensione Inateck Presentatore Wireless, il gobbo digitale (quasi) perfetto Recensione Inateck Presentatore Wireless, il gobbo digitale (quasi) perfetto

    Live test

    We used the remote control during some lessons in the company and for Power Point presentations (with Office 365) where he related on the content of the slides walking among the users (being able to control the presentation wirelessly).

    But in general we have also used a lot just the LED pointer, in particular during the exercises, to indicate a particular command or element: for this specific use the USB-A dongle is not necessary.

    The weight of 130 grams of the remote control is typical of a product that stands out, but also that does not tire excessively, on the other hand the shape is not small and the internal battery is also probably important because after three weeks of use it is not. we have never reloaded and at the time of writing it is still operational.

    Recensione Inateck Presentatore Wireless, il gobbo digitale (quasi) perfetto

    As for compatibility with applications on Mac, we can say that substantially since there are no drivers, the remote control behaves a bit like a keyboard: it uses macOS commands and interfaces clearly with applications both at full screen and normal screen.

    We have tried it with Word, PowerPoint, Keynote and the commands work quietly, even if for example in Word the command start presentation does not activate anything. The remote control also works within Safari, for example, to scroll a page down or up, in case the content of the same is the subject of the presentation (not only PowerPoint and Keynote can make presentations, those who have a little courage can create HTML5 presentations with Hype and then view them with a browser).

    We would have liked more attention with multimedia software such as iTunes or QuickTime, where the only command that works is the volume adjustment: the technical notes also show the impossibility of using it with Google Documents.

    Recensione Inateck Presentatore Wireless, il gobbo digitale (quasi) perfetto


    Those who use a lot of PowerPoint or Keynote cannot exempt themselves from having a remote control capable of optimizing the most trivial operations and this Inateck Wireless Presenter is a beautiful object.

    The interactivity is simple, the controls essential but it has an excellent LED pointer, large and well balanced thanks to the important shape of the remote control itself, which favors accuracy.

    Recensione Inateck Presentatore Wireless, il gobbo digitale (quasi) perfetto

    The total absence of drivers prevents more sophisticated operations (such as the ability to customize keys or create macros) but it is convenient for the security it offers given the total absence of problems when switching computers on the fly (which can happen very frequently ).

    Added to this is the price, just under 30 Euros, absolutely affordable even for those who do not present their business but want concrete help from time to time.

    Pro : • Very Price interesting • Works very well without any drivers • The laser is large and very comfortable

    Cons : • It is not You can customize the keys • Does not work with multimedia software

    Price : 28.99 EUR

    Inateck Wireless Presenter is available on for 28.99 Euro but with our offer you can have it with an additional discount.