INPS starts paying the single check: confirmation from the IO app

The single and universal allowance is the new INPS maneuver that brings together some previous forms of support for families. From March 2022, the Institute will pay monthly a sum of money to families with children (including adults), based on their income and the number of children. Applications could be submitted as early as January , but the first payments would only arrive from the second half of March, and apparently INPS was very punctual .

Those who have already applied for the single check, and obviously have all the requisites in order, are in fact receiving a new message right now through the IO app, the very useful application of public services, which alerts them of the next payment. arriving. This is the text of the message:

We inform you that we have made a payment in the amount of XX, XX euros in your favor at “XXX” for “SINGLE CHECK” with a value date of 03/18/2022. For more information click on the link below.

The link referred to in the message refers to the page of the INPS site relating to the single check, which can be accessed upon authentication.

The payment of the first monthly installment , as you can see, is expected within a couple of days, but the date may not necessarily be the same for everyone; in any case it should be a short wait by now.

As regards the amount of the single check , this varies according to various parameters, but you can know it in advance through the appropriate simulation on the INPS website.