Insta360 ONE RS: a new modular camera with interchangeable lenses that repeats an already known formula

The Insta360 ONE RS is a new action camera with a modular design that has just been officially presented, with interesting new features. The device follows the path of what we already saw at the beginning of 2020 with the ONE R, but with various improvements that promise to take the experience a little further.

As we have already said, the concept behind the Insta360 ONE RS has already proven its success. It is an action cam that is made up of three modules. On one side we have the battery, on the other the processor, and the combo is completed with the interchangeable lenses. The latter allows us to select between different alternatives to take photos or record videos, either in a “conventional” way or in 360 degrees.

The lenses available for the new Insta360 ONE RS are three, and in some cases they drag elements that we already knew with the previous generation of the camera. One of them is the one-inch wide angle developed with Leica, which allows you to capture images with a resolution of 5.3K. Another of the available modules allows taking shots in 360 degrees (5.7K); while the third option is the renewed 4K Boost lens, which is the one that brings more novelties with this launch.

As explained by Insta360, the 4K Boost lens comes with a 48-megapixel half-inch sensor and is capable of recording 4K video at 60 frames per second. But beyond the hardware itself, this module incorporates two modes with which it promises to make a difference compared to the competition. One of them offers Active HDR when recording action sequences and not only during stationary use; the manufacturers of the action cam ensure that under this mode they can keep the image sufficiently stabilized to minimize the chances of ghosting or ghosting. The other is the 6K Widescreen, which allows you to capture extremely high quality footage with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

The Insta360 ONE RS also upgrade inside

Beyond the renewed 4K Boost lens, the new Insta360 ONE RS also boasts other types of improvements. The manufacturers have decided to upgrade the processor module so that it now offers hardware image stabilization; this means that the FlowState system is now integrated into the action cam, and it is not necessary to process the videos through the Insta360 app to make them level.

On the other hand, the core of the Insta360 ONE RS now includes a more powerful WiFi connectivity, to simplify the transfer of files to the mobile, and also improves on the audio side thanks to the inclusion of an extra microphone. In addition, the function of Instant Zoom has been added, which allows zooming up to 2.7 times during recording.

Another noteworthy aspect of this action camera is that, like the previous generation, it is IPX8 certified. This means that it is waterproof and can be submergedup to 5 meters deep, as long as the device has all its modules connected.

It is also important to mention that the Insta360 ONE RS maintains many of the options that we already knew with the 2020 ONE R. Among many, one of the most outstanding is the invisible selfie stick when recording with the 360° lens. This allows for third-person shots, without the stick showing in the final version of the clip. In addition, by connecting it to a computer we can use it as a webcam, or make live broadcasts from the Insta360 app.

Of course, the modules of the new Insta360 ONE RS are backwards compatible with the previous generation of the action cam. Thus, those who already have the previous model can update it according to their taste or need. An important point to note is that the ONE R's support for the 4K Boost lens will be enabled with a firmware update later in the year.

It is also worth mentioning that the battery is 1,445 mAh, and is recharged through a USB-C port. According to Insta360, the full charge is completed in around an hour. It is also worth mentioning that the autonomy of the camera differs depending on which module is being used.

According to the official specifications, up to 75 minutes is achieved with the 4K Boost lens shooting in 4K at 60 FPS and with FlowState stabilization. With the 360-degree lens you can get up to 82 minutes, recording in 5.7K at 30 frames per second; while with the one-inch wide angle it is possible to reach 84 minutes recording in 5.3K at 30 FPS and with Post FlowState stabilization (from the app).

Simplicity in the edition

As seen on the ONE R model, the Insta360 ONE RS brings out a wide variety of quick editing modes via the Insta360 mobile app. Content creators can opt for FlashCut, which automatically selects the most outstanding clips and mixes them with music, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Also available is the new Cinelapse mode, which offers different cinematic transitions, and Shot Lab, to apply a wide variety of effects. While the Snap Wizard is presented as the ideal tool for those who record 360 degree videos and need to find the best angle for the final clip.

Of course, not all editing options are tied to the Insta360 app. Those who want to take advantage of more complex or professional tools can turn to plugins for Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. Even developers offer their own desktop editing software called Insta360 Studio, which is free to download.

Insta360 ONE RS: price and availability

The new Insta360 ONE RS is available from today, Tuesday, March 22. It is available through and authorized stores, with the following prices:

Twin Edition: includes 360-degree lenses and 4K Boost, in exchange for 569.99 euros;1-inch Edition: this version comes with the one-inch lens module designed together with Leica, for 569 .99 euros;4K Edition: those who prefer to start with the module with a 4K wide-angle lens, can opt for this variant. It is the cheapest and is sold for 319.99 euros.