Instagram for minors under 13: Facebook thinks about it seriously

The social networks are an aspect that is now always present in the life of each of us and represent a delicate issue especially if related to younger users, especially to minors .

In recent years we have seen advances various solutions to offer minors a suitable version of social networks, with restrictions and limitations to virtually protect them from what could harm them in social platforms. In this context, Adam Mosseri , the one who is in charge of Instagram, has expressed some interesting considerations: Facebook, which owns Instagram, would be seriously thinking about a new version of Instagram dedicated to children under 13 .

Instagram would therefore be “ exploring ” this solution, with the same philosophy with which Facebook launched Messenger Kids now 4 years ago. Clearly this is not an easy task for Facebook, especially considering that the legal and privacy issues associated with proposing a social platform for children under 13 are many and thorny, especially because highly variable depending on the geographical region.

At the moment Instagram hasn't communicated anything official about it, except that it is working to make its platform safe for younger users, not to mention children under 13. We will keep you updated on upcoming developments.