Italy at 1 Giga: the plan that will change the face of domestic connectivity

There are interesting news for the Italy 1 Giga plan, the one with which the Ministry for technological innovation and digital transition intends to give new blood to the strategy of transition towards ultra-broadband for all.

Starting today, 7 August , the public consultations for the 1 Giga Italy plan will start, and will last until next 15 September . The ultimate goal of this plan is to guarantee connectivity capable of offering at least 1 Gbps in download and 200 Mbps in upload to all real estate units. The document published by the Ministry as part of the 1 Giga Italy plan established that the intervention threshold is set at 300 Mbps in download.

By intervention threshold we mean the limit below which you can request the renewal of your home network by taking advantage of the incentive made available by the State. The objective is to complete the plan by 2026 , in advance with respect to the deadlines set at the European level .

This means a huge positive for us users. To carry out the interventions, operators may also associate in consortia with each other. At the end of the consultations we will certainly know more about the official procedures to be followed to make use of the contribution.