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Jack Dorsey won't be Twitter CEO again

Jack Dorsey will not be the CEO of Twitter once Elon Musk takes over: it was announced by himself him through a tweet in which he stated that “no, I'll never be CEO again” . On another occasion, Dorsey also wrote that no one should have held the position of CEO of Twitter.

Pending further developments, what is certain is that Dorsey's history with Twitter has experienced ups and downs. The company's board of directors, in fact, in 2008 fired him from the role of CEO, just two years after helping to start Twitter. After seven years, he returned to the post, only to resign in November 2021 for reasons not entirely clear.

Dorsey was replaced by Agrawal , who according to some rumors, should not remain long as CEO of Twitter. In this sense, however, no official communication. It will take a little longer.

Via: TheVerge