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Killnet strikes again: the site of the State Police under attack

Last week the sites of the Senate and the Ministry of Defense (among others) were attacked by a group of pro-Russian hackers called Killnet , which I do not pay has now besieged the State Police .

Telegram Channel Offers

This was revealed by the same group of cyberactivists who posted two messages on Telegram to claim the action. According to the hackers, the move represents a retaliation for attacks on Eurovision , thwarted by our own security corps. The Police website is unreachable since Monday night, and the operators claim to have neutralized access attempts.

According to the Cybersecurity Agency, the attack is of the DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) type, which consists of a significant request for simultaneous access so to saturate the system and make the site unreachable.

Street: ilPost
Source: State Police – Twitter