Lamicall Review Flexible Tablet Stand

Lamicall Tablet Support is a support for iPad, iPhone and in general for any display or similar up to 15 “which, anchoring to a shelf, to the table or to the back of the bed, keeps the device suspended, so everything is more comfortable and you can operate better on the desk, or keep your hands behind your head in bed.

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  • Lamicall Tablet Holder, the review

    Arm wrestling

    The packaging is simple: a cardboard box with the arm, rolled up, protected by a transparent nylon bag and a small instruction booklet for basic operations.

    The arm itself is aesthetically made of plastic materials, although the core is probably semi-soft metal inside.

    Recensione Lamicall Supporto Tablet

    The part that attaches to the table or shelf is a spring, composed on the inside of a viscous rubber, with a knurled surface (to improve grip), which is adjusted by a screw part.

    The arm is modular and can be folded at will to offer the right angle up to the final grip, where a width-adjustable hook hugs the tablet or device in a stable way, thanks to an internal spring that tightens it. A solution similar to those for the car smartphone, but here in much more generous dimensions.

    The hook is made up of three parts, of which the central one stands still while the others widen. Two spaghetti are placed at the ends to help the adjustment phase, in our opinion completely irrelevant, a little pressure and everything is resolved.

    Recensione Lamicall Supporto Tablet Recensione Lamicall Supporto Tablet Recensione Lamicall Supporto Tablet

    How does it work

    The hooking phase of the Lamicall Tablet Support to the table / shelf (maximum thickness about 3.5 cm) is done in a second, just place the spring and pull the appropriate adjustment.

    Even the coupling of the tablet or device is simple, no special adjustments are required, the spring tightens by itself: we tried an iPad Air without problems, as well as an iPhone and also the Desklab Portable Monitor from 15 (which has touched the limit of width hook).

    Recensione Lamicall Supporto Tablet

    In all cases, the positioning was correct and the arm held the weight: obviously the mechanical moment is not to be underestimated as a factor of residence and in fact, once the arm is positioned, every time the display is touched (even if only for change the volume) the tablet started to move a bit and you had to stop it with your finger before starting playback.

    Nothing special, as we are not experts in mechanical engineering, we do not know if this is due to the choice of materials or the inevitable physicality of the arm but it is not such a serious problem, also and above all considering the role and cost of this device. .

    Recensione Lamicall Supporto Tablet Recensione Lamicall Supporto Tablet Recensione Lamicall Supporto Tablet

    For the rest, usually, once the film was finished we left Lamicall Tablet Holder with the iPad all night without problems, finding it in its place in the morning, without sagging.

    The correct positioning is usually done with one hand, only for particular folds we used both.

    Recensione Lamicall Supporto Tablet A detail of the spring for the table or shelf. Viscous rubber helps, but it is the screw adjustment at the top that defines the position and stability


    We chose Lamicall Tablet Holder mainly to be able to watch movies in bed at night with the iPad Air without having to use a hand to support it which gave us the interesting possibility of being able to fall asleep blissfully in front of the film if this is boring, without the fear of dropping the tablet (with disastrous consequences).

    Lamicall Tablet Holder does its job, which is not simple but not that complex: no instructions are needed to learn it and, if necessary, it is also convenient on the desk, with an external display or with an iPad in Sidecar mode (only with macOS Catalina ). We don't know if there is any better in the market, but this one does its job for exactly what we got it for.

    Recensione Lamicall Supporto Tablet Not only iPad or iPhone, here for example a use with Nintendo Switch


    • Simple and easy to install • Holds from a smartphone to a 15 ″ display • Fits in multiple locations


    • Once positioned, sometimes the display dances a little when prompted


    • 26.99 Euro in white or black version

    Lamicall Tablet Holder is conveniently available at in white or black version.