Lenovo GT2 wireless earphones review: hard to find better at this price

The world of true wireless earphones is now truly populated by a really wide range of products. So large that now it is finally possible to save money, staying away from the prices of AirPods, with a very satisfactory quality. This is the case with the Lenovo GT2s on test today. Here's what we liked.

Of the Lenovo GT2, first of all, the price attracts a pair of Lenovo True Wireless headphones, which certainly is not an unknown brand, at just 17 euros, is certainly a determining factor.

We approached these headphones with a bit of skepticism, believing that a large part of the budget was absorbed, precisely, by the brand, and that very little remained for the sound quality. We totally changed our mind.

Recensione Lenovo GT2

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  • 2 How they sound
  • 3 Autonomy and recharge
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  • How they are made

    Let's start with the design and the form factor first. They are among the smallest and lightest in the panorama. So small that in many cases the macro sensor of the smartphone camera has been activated to photograph them.

    These are button-shaped earphones, which in many cases are more uncomfortable to wear than others like AirPods. Still, these Lenovo GT 2s are particularly comfortable and immediately adapted to our ear.

    We certainly don't think they are optimal for jogging, but for office use, so listening to music while sitting at your desk, they are really just fine. Too bad for the absence of a small silicone fin that would have given it greater stability to the ear.

    Recensione Lenovo GT2

    As for the control, on both ear cups there is a small round button, which fits perfectly into the design, and which is almost invisible to sight.

    One tap allows you to play / pause music, a double tap to control the next and previous tracks, and a triple tap allows you to activate the voice assistant. The button is functional and has some pros compared to a soft touch surface but also some cons.

    Among the “pros”, the minimization of false touches. With a touch panel it's easy to perform unwanted taps while adjusting the headset itself, while inadvertently pressing this button is next to impossible.

    Among the “cons”, however, the one that pressing the button is slightly more uncomfortable than tapping on a tactile surface, also because it could involve a slight movement of the earpiece, making it come out of its seat.

    Recensione Lenovo GT2

    It should also be noted that unlike other competitors (such as the AirPods but also as lower-end products) there is no automatic pause when you remove a headset from your ear.

    What's more, we didn't like the fact that the headset continues to ring even when placed in the charging case, even when fully closed. Therefore, you will have to keep pressing the button for more than 4 seconds, in order to turn off the earphones, before putting them back in the charging case.

    Recensione Lenovo GT2

    How they sound

    Beyond the aesthetics which, however, is certainly more original than others, due to the small size, the most important aspect is understanding how they sound. We must first of all think that these are earphones that cost practically 15 euros, or a few euros more. Having said that, they are undoubtedly satisfactory, very good. In no uncertain terms, if we want to take into account all the factors, from price to brand, they are a real point of reference in the sector.

    Recensione Lenovo GT2

    The music on the whole sounds clean, with a volume that is not exaggerated but still strong enough to isolate the user when listening. The bass is present and clearly distinguishable. Probably the 7.2 mm drivers help in this, which gives a considerable power to the lower frequencies.

    Certainly the cleanliness of the bass is not at the highest levels, but for what they cost it is absolutely appreciable. Even if you don't want to take the price into consideration, these headphones would certainly be appreciable and valid from the point of view of sound quality.

    Let's be clear, these are certainly not audiophile headphones, and the audio isn't as deep, full-bodied and enveloping as other higher-end competitors, but overall you will get very good sound quality.

    Recensione Lenovo GT2

    Apart from bass, the sound is still catchy and mostly clean, both for the human voice and for the musical instruments. Each instrument is represented in a truly faithful way, with the details of each really rich.

    Obviously, listening with only one ear is not lacking. And in fact, unlike many peripherals of the same type, these Lenovo GT2s offer independent connectivity of the two headsets. The smartphone, tablet or PC / Mac to which the earphones are connected will see the two elements as independent: of course, by default, just associate one to associate them both, but by turning on only one it will be possible to use it alone, therefore also excellent for voice calls.

    Recensione Lenovo GT2

    Speaking of these, the call is well made; the audio in the headphones is optimal, while the microphone manages to reach the interlocutor with a voice with a not very high volume, but still good for a correct conversation.

    Autonomy and recharge

    The manufacturer claims about 4 hours of playback on a single charge. We got close to this figure, even though we stopped at least half an hour early. Thanks to the case, however, you can reach 15 hours of use. The cover offers a MicroUSB input and does not offer a Qi charging function.

    Recensione Lenovo GT2


    We didn't have many expectations considering the list price of just over 15 euros. Yet the Lenovo brand intrigued us. If you have this tight budget, it is useless to look elsewhere: Lenovo GT2 earphones are valid from all points of view, certainly sufficient for daily music listening; they will not be suitable for audiophiles, but for what they cost it will be difficult to find a similar alternative.

    Recensione Lenovo GT2


  • Exceptional price
  • Small and comfortable
  • They sound very good

  • Not suitable for running
  • Price and availability

    The price list is about 30 euros, but at the moment they are on a flash offer at 17.20 euros. Click here to buy them .