LG 27UL850 monitor review, the professional high resolution for the rest of us

The LG 27UL850 is an extremely interesting 4K USB-C display: USB-C connector, USB-A HUB, interesting external design and a good panel at a fair price, which often stops under 500 Euros, according to the offers, too. if the real price is a little higher.

We tested it with a Mac mini and a MacBook Pro: there are some shadows but the product offers many of the aspects it promises.

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  • LG 27UL850, the review

    Design matters

    Out of the box, the LG 27UL850 is made up in about ten minutes: just place the generous base, the support pin and fit the display, no technician is needed and everything is available.

    The dimensions are 613.1 x 449.5-559.5 x 234.2 mm of footprint, for a weight of about 4.8 kg: it is easy to move, the display is well balanced and can also be taken with one hand only from the stub.

    Recensione LG 27UL850, l’alta risoluzione professionale per il resto di noi

    The design is very beautiful: the front of the display is accompanied by very thin bezels, 7 millimeters at the sides and 2 centimeters at the bottom, where the brand stops.

    The back of the display is made of white plastic with the very large embossed branding and can be seen even in very busy offices where the back of monitors are the rule.

    The central section allows you to move the position vertically with a height adjustment of 110 mm.

    Recensione LG 27UL850, l’alta risoluzione professionale per il resto di noi LG 27UL850, before assembly: the stub, the panel, the power supply (external) and all the cables are convenient in the box

    Troncone and base are made of gray satin metal that matches very well with the display: the base is very wide semicircular, necessity given by having to support a 27 “display, even if the measurements must be taken on the desk. A Mac mini can stay inside, however it must be “raised” by 2 centimeters so that the cables do not “clash” with the base.

    Ditto for a laptop, which fits but must always be raised: in any case, the only portable Mac Book that fits is a model up to 13 “, otherwise it is better to put it elsewhere.

    Recensione LG 27UL850, l’alta risoluzione professionale per il resto di noi

    Share or supervise?

    The connectors on the back show a USB-C input, very convenient for all modern PCs and Macs, because in addition to a connection with a smaller cable than the alternatives, video, data, audio and network signal port: also the USB-C connection offers an interesting two-port USB-A HUB, available just next door.

    In addition to this, there is a Display-Port input, two HDMI, one digital and one analog audio input (for headphones). The package contains an HDMI cable, a USB-C cable and a Display Port, all in white.

    Recensione LG 27UL850, l’alta risoluzione professionale per il resto di noi the connections, all on the back, offer an interesting connectivity, especially with USB-C which is also very convenient thanks to the integrated USB-A HUB

    During the test period we tried basically all connections without problems, if connected individually there are no differences (even if USB-C is more practical and offers the HUB) while things change when we have fixed the Display on more computers.

    Since we daily use three computers for various tasks, a 13 ″ MacBook Pro, a Mac mini and a Lenovo X1 PC, we connected the three computers to their respective outputs, opting for the Display port for the MacBook Pro because it is associated with the Caldigit TS3 Plus , HUB that made up for the lack of MacBook ports.

    Recensione LG 27UL850, l’alta risoluzione professionale per il resto di noi

    The display does not offer the ability to view multiple screens at the same time, however switching from one screen to the other is very simple thanks to the control joytick placed under the display (for the OSD menu) and it was easy to jump between the three computers ( two of these managed thanks to a UGREEN KVM Switch) and use them simultaneously, a factor that for precision work is better than screen sharing.

    Recensione LG 27UL850, l’alta risoluzione professionale per il resto di noi The panel can be rotated 90 ° and operated vertically


    The panel of the LG 27UL850 is a 27 ″ IPS with a maximum resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels and, thanks to the very thin and black colored bezels, offers a beautiful impact.

    It is a professional product, designed especially for those who use static images (photos, drawing, writing, navigation), because the 5ms response is a bit high for a gamer display.

    Nevertheless, if you don't have very high ambitions, the display lends itself willingly to a massacre on Starcraft II or a match between friends in Overwatch or Fortnite.

    Recensione LG 27UL850, l’alta risoluzione professionale per il resto di noi The viewing angle is 178 °, which is very good for a display of this category and the color care stands at 99% sRGB, which for those who draw or develop photos for the web or for print, while those looking for greater care in color, perhaps with more affinity to color spaces such as Adobe RGB, perhaps it is necessary to look at the older brothers (such as the excellent LG 32UL950 that we reviewed a few months does).

    The brightness is normal, 350 cd / m2, it works correctly with all Apps, from Office / Microsoft 365 to the Adobe suite, although obviously the best of it offers it at night, where using LG 27UL850 is a show, even in movies .

    Recensione LG 27UL850, l’alta risoluzione professionale per il resto di noi The small joystick located just below the panel allows you to control the entire OSD menu of the display

    The display is accompanied by two integrated 10W Maxx Audio speakers, which do their job (and are better than the Mac mini compartment) but which, of course, give way to more capable external systems (such as the excellent system Razer Nommo Pro or Poly Voyager 8200 UC headphones).

    The only real flaw of the LG 27UL850, at least in our experience, is that, only when cold, the display sometimes struggles to “feel” an active connection and needs to be turned on by hand, while when it warms up, even if the computer goes to sleep, turns on by itself when the computer comes back on.

    Recensione LG 27UL850, l’alta risoluzione professionale per il resto di noi


    LG 27UL850 worked, and is still doing it today, in an excellent way: it is an everyday product, it is an excellent display in every job, it does not have the ambitions of more professional products with Thunderbolt 3 connection or greater color width, but for office work, for those who draw, for those who make graphics and also for those who use the computer at home, it is an excellent and reliable product.

    With an extra note for the design, which may not be noticed at home, but in the office it makes its appearance, which is increasingly an aspect that should not be underestimated.

    Pro :

    • Interesting design • USB-C with integrated HUB • 4K resolution • Calibratable


    • The base is a bit bulky • When cold it does not turn on by itself (but it tries)


    • 699.00 Euros (now on offer for less than 500 Euros on Amazon)

    LG 27UL850 is available at various points of sale on the peninsula, so we invite readers to visit the LG web page for all the details: at the time of writing, the display is on offer on Amazon with a huge discount.

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