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Live Rooms arrive on Instagram: live streaming up to 4 participants (photo)

direct and live streaming with up to four components , when previously it was limited to two.

As reported by the company, during the pandemic live broadcasts have seen an important increase in popularity : there have been many uses that the creators have made of this tool, from reading clubs to discussion of scientific topics and even rap battle . It goes without saying that the Live Rooms aim to increase the possibilities , with the help of tools already offered by the social network, such as the integration with Shopping, Fundraising and Q&A sessions .

To start a Live Room , just swipe left and select the Live Video option. Then, you can enter a title and press the Rooms icon to add participants . Of course, guests can also be added later, but the organizer will always remain at the top of the screen. As for the security options of the Rooms , it should be emphasized that users blocked by any of the participants in the Live Room will not be able to participate in the live broadcast , as well as guests whose access to live streaming has been revoked due to violations of the Instagram guidelines will not be able to join a Room.

This feature is in global rollout right now, but it may take a few days for it to be available for all accounts.