Logitech Lift review, the new generation ergonomic vertical mouse

HomeMacityHardware and PeripheralsMore than a new piece of the successful MX mouse line, the new Logitech Lift mouse seems to be the first of a new series of pointing tools, of which we would like to see an evolution in the coming months, in which materials, technology, attention to ergonomics and intrinsic precision are elements that characterize a particular design, accurate and careful as the mouse tradition recalls.

We tried it for a couple of weeks to understand its potential and as expected, the particular shape required days of adaptation, but then the results showed.

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  • “Environmental” box

    The box where the Logitech Lift arrives is entirely of cardboard, with only a small manual inside for the preliminary instructions, mostly useless if you decide to install the drivers that guide you in all the main steps and an AA type battery. Attention to technology is nothing new but it should not be taken for granted.

    There are no cables, the mouse works exclusively wirelessly, including Bluetooth and with a 2.4 GHz wireless technology depending on the user's needs: the shape is that of a vertical mouse, and has a side handle compared to that of a more traditional, forms that are not new because for example here at Macitynet we had already talked about the previous incarnation of the Logitech MX Vertical to which this model is inspired, although the very unique characterization is not lacking.

    Recensione Logitech Lift The mouse is available in three colorsThe lining material is plastic, porous and rather anonymous in the front part, while the rear part in viscose rubber is much more appreciated, with micro-grooves that help grip.

    The mouse offers six distinct buttons, four on one side and two on the other, all programmable by drivers: we are talking here of “sides” because the mouse is offered in both a right-handed version (which you see on this page) and left-handed, identical but mirrored. A noteworthy commercial maneuver on the part of Logitech which thus undertakes to cover 100% of user needs.

    Why “Vertical”

    Logitech Lift is a Vertical mouse, so called because its shape is basically rotated about 90 ° compared to a normal mouse, with the main keys and the wheel positioned perpendicular, rather than parallel, to the surface.

    This factor implies that the mouse is “held” in a very different way from a more traditional mouse in many respects: although the hand is still resting on the mouse, the fingers are suspended vertically and in a more relaxed position and so is the posture of the wrist. , rotated, weighs less and significantly reduces the risk of problems related to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a disease of the wrist joints resulting from inappropriate use of the hands in manual work, including the use of mouse and keyboard.

    Recensione Logitech Lift Recensione Logitech Lift Recensione Logitech LiftIntense use of the mouse, associated with stress and a wrong position, can worsen the condition of the wrist and joints: in a traditional mouse, for example, the index and middle fingers are always suspended between clicks and even the wrist, if the mouse does not offer an adequate ergonomic shape, stops moving incorrectly, causing excessive effort for many hours a day and in the long run this can cause pain and worsening in the joints of the hand.

    The Logitech Lift largely prevents these problems because the hand hugs the mouse in a different way: the rounded shape favors the grip and the vertical keys prevent the fingers from hanging, as well as hosting two buttons on the opposite side, usable with the thumb. , in a really comfortable position.

    The weight of the hand rests on the outside, not on the muscle under the thumb, in a much more natural way and offering an ideal wrist rotation for those who use the mouse for many hours.

    Recensione Logitech Lift Recensione Logitech Lift Recensione Logitech Lift Recensione Logitech Lift Recensione Logitech Lift Recensione Logitech Lift

    The results

    The results are less wrist fatigue especially after several hours of use, although for those coming from a traditional mouse it takes a period of adjusting to the new position to adapt to movement. An advice? Put the old mouse in the drawer and hide from the key, resisting the temptation to return to the classic position, after a couple of days even the vertical mouse will seem completely normal, but with less fatigue on the wrist.

    The biggest difference in the writer's experience is not so much the position of the wrist, which is better, but rather the feeling of having a higher than normal pointing center of gravity: in a traditional mouse one behaves as if the virtual point, what we move, is located just below the index, in a very short distance between the finger and the table.

    In the Logitech Lift, the feeling is that the control point is instead higher, a few centimeters from the table: this obviously does not happen, because the sensor is always in the same position, but having the fingers higher causes this feeling to which we must. forcibly get used to.

    Recensione Logitech Lift The handle is different and promotes a better postureThe movement is also a bit different because while with a traditional mouse the movement of the device starts from the wrist, here instead part of the fingers (index and thumb, which push the mouse), in addition to the fact that the mouse is much higher, about twice as much as a normal mouse and when we move our hand from the keyboard to the mouse to hug it again we have to take this into account.

    But as mentioned, these are details that concern more habit than judgment and to which you get used to in a few hours, in the face of a gain in wrist effort for which it takes more than a few days to appreciate, but which for those who have had problems with traditional mice it appears immediately, so much so that if you notice the difference, you will hardly want to go back.

    Recensione Logitech Lift The Logitech Lift drivers they are the same ones that uses the Logitech MX Keys keyboard (during the test we used a beta version, some details could change)

    Quality and technology

    The fact that it is a vertical mouse is not the only interesting aspect: the design of the product is truly superb, Logitech is certainly not new in this but it is still good to underline it.

    The lower part that houses the battery and the cradle for the Wi-Fi antenna opens with a slight pressure, rather than snap-in, and there is a small magnet that adjusts the closure.

    The materials, especially the rubber where the palm rests is very good and increases accuracy even in hot weather and our hands are slightly sweaty.

    Recensione Logitech Lift In the lower part, the cradle houses the battery and the Wi-Fi antennaConnectivity is very good, with the possibility of associating it with three different devices, both via Bluetooth and via Wi-Fi, with a selector placed underneath.

    Battery life is estimated at two years, which we couldn't check because the mouse is new, but with a natural adaptation given the type of use.

    The drivers are really well built, both for macOS and for Windows (and they are the same ones that drive other Logitech devices today such as the Mx Keys keyboard): immediately after installation some screens introduce the first setup and then a single window allows you to define the operation for each single button and also to diversify it according to the active App and in the foreground.

    Some preferences, to tell the truth, are inherited from the world of video games, such as the ability to quickly switch between two sensor resolutions, which translate into different pointer speeds by simply pressing a button: but it must be said in all honestly, this mouse can be used for gaming, but only games that don't involve a lot of clicking frenzy.

    The precision is high (from 400 to 4000 dpi, high values ​​from a business point of view), but in a high-stress environment such as that of those who play semi-professional, such a mouse does not offer the right elasticity: Logitech itself positions the mouse from a business point of view, where the number of clicks is relatively low and constant, leaving the user free to choose between other products of the Logitech G line specifically designed for gaming.

    Recensione Logitech Lift Recensione Logitech Lift Recensione Logitech Lift


    Smaller than the previous MX Vertical, more “rounded” and in the humble opinion of the writer more “soft” to hold and use even for those who do not have large hands, the new Logitech Lift is an important model and not to be underestimated.

    The shape as you can see is particular, as is its use, but which after an adaptation phase, provides a strong attachment and visible results, in addition to the fact that the correct grip of this mouse positions the arm, and consequently the back, in a slightly more correct situation, less inclined.

    Ultimately, to better and more comfortably grip the mouse, the general posture is improved a little and, unknowingly, daily fatigue is reduced, even at home where we usually pay less attention to these details, where today the home station becomes increasingly important in a hybrid work perspective that has gone from being a trend to an established reality.

    Recensione Logitech Lift


  • Ergonomic design
  • High care of materials
  • Triple connection
  • Cons:

  • It takes some time to adjust to the new posture
  • Price

  • 81.99 €
  • Available in three colors (Graphite, Pink and Off White), Logitech Lift can be purchased in the stores of the Italian large distribution, starting from the Italian website of the parent company or you can find it more conveniently also at Amazon.it both in the right-handed version and for left-handed.