Messenger gives voice to emojis: the Soundmojis arrive (photos)

The emojis have now become a popular means of communication worldwide, transcending the communication platform and the type of conversation being held. Why then not give it a voice too ?

Messenger has just officially unveiled its Soundmojis . These are emojis to which the respective sounds are associated : to give some examples, you will hear the applause when you send the corresponding emoji, and the same thing will happen for the rolling drums and for a thunderous laugh . The news arrives just in time for the World Emoji Day , which will fall on July 17th.

Using the Soundmojis is really simple on Messenger: just open any chat, access the emoji section and select the option to enable sounds . At that point you should be able to access the Soundmojis section, as you can see from the example in the gallery . The distribution of the news is taking place via server , so it may take a while to see them operational.