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Meta announces the “Builder Bot” tool: it will build virtual worlds through a voice description

Not only a simultaneous translator, but also an artificial intelligence system that will allow you to build parts of virtual worlds only by describing them: here is the other project announced by Meta during an official event on Facebook.

The ceo Mark Zuckerberg has in fact announced the project “Builder Bot” , which is a system that will allow users to make virtual elements appear through the use of voice (for example, a beach was recreated during the presentation). It is not yet known, however, if the program will draw on a limited library of man-made models or if the AI ​​will also have functions related to the creation of projects. Obviously the project is still in an experimental phase, but the premises are ambitious, as stated by Zuckerberg: “You will be able to create nuanced worlds to explore and share experiences with the others only with your voice “.

Finally, both the simultaneous translator and “Builder Bot” are part of a larger project called “Project CAIRaoke” , which will have among the objectives that of integrating more and more the Metaverse.

Via: TheVerge