Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse Review, designed for Windows, also excellent on Mac

HomeMacityMac AccessoriesEquipped with a wireless Bluetooth connection, the new Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse is a valid companion for the average business user, presenting on the one hand with excellent operational capabilities, which are also worth some graphic ambitions, on the other with a price / performance ratio. incredible.

Although formally it is only compatible with Windows, on Mac it works very well, with some (optional) less customization.

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  • Great is the righteous

    The version we received in the test is the Satin Black one, absolutely more business than the other Pastel Blue or Peach which are perhaps more suitable for a younger audience: inside the box there are only the mouse and the two AA batteries for power supply. , capable of offering a duration of up to 15 months, very good for a mouse of this type.

    There is nothing else in the box, and on the other hand nothing else is needed since the Bluetooth connection does not require dongles or cables, all you need is a PC or a Mac that supports a low-consumption connection of type 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 5.0.

    The connection is very simple in both operating systems and, on the other hand, the mouse itself supports multiple devices thanks to a small switch below that allows you to jump from one device to another, up to three, a very convenient factor if , for example, we have a desktop computer in the office and a laptop in a bag ready for travel and it is not necessary to buy two copies of it if we can use it on multiple devices.

    Recensione Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse, accessorio business fatto come si deve Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse, here together with the Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard with which it fits perfectly The dimensions are 118.2 x 76.3 x 42.4 mm for a weight of 91 grams including batteries. An important shape, absolutely right-handed, for those who love mice that accompany the whole hand: if you have small hands or you like less bulky models in your bag, the market is full of similar solutions, vice versa if you need a model that has a strong grip , then this Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse will give you great satisfaction.

    Great the right

    The maximum resolution is 2,400 dpi, an average value but basically suitable for office use: perfect for browsing the internet, managing files, using apps such as Word, Excel and even PowerPoint and basically Illustrator or Photoshop too. if you do not have ambitions of painting or high creativity (where higher resolutions are needed with high resolution displays).

    Not being a gaming mouse, there is no precise information regarding variables such as the Polling rate, which in an absolutely subjective estimate by the writer should be around 500 Hz, a value that makes it quite soft to use Bluetooth without big problems even in the presence of several other devices such as headphones, speakers, smartphones and smartwatches.

    Recensione Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse, accessorio business fatto come si deve The shape is very ergonomic and suitable for those who use the mouse a lot in the officeThe underlying sensor also appeared good: it must be said that we tested the mouse in excellent initial conditions, thanks to the presence of the Razer Gigantus V2, a mat designed for the gaming environment but which offers a tracking surface absolutely suitable for all types. of sensor.

    But having said that, we also adapted to other situations such as wooden tables (real and fake, alternating) and once even on a book, for use as a mat, and the Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse always responded well, albeit with gains of certainly different.

    Recensione Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse, accessorio business fatto come si deve In the lower part there is the switch for the devices, the power button and the battery compartment

    Fast and ready

    The mouse offers four buttons plus a clickable wheel: the buttons are customizable, as well as the resolution, thanks to the special App for Windows, which can be downloaded separately. On Mac the App is not available, so the mouse behaves well but lacks some customizations, but even in the face of this, it remains an excellent product even on new Macs with M1 or higher.

    The mouse is made entirely of plastic, standard in the lower part (where the switch, the switch for the devices and the battery compartment stop) and more refined in the upper part, where the hand rests.

    Recensione Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse, accessorio business fatto come si deve The four colors availableHere, in fact, the surface is soft, very pleasant to the touch and perfectly designed for office use, where there are usually no large temperature variations: the surface tends to get dirty quickly if our hands are greasy with food, for example, but just as quickly. it can be cleaned with a simple damp cloth.

    The wheel is made of metal and is jerky, very precise and probably designed for the use of Excel above all, because it is precisely with this app that we have seen it excel.

    Finally, the lower part houses three semi-rigid rubber feet, which offer very good contact with surfaces, especially the mats (which we always recommend to use, even in the office) but generally on all surfaces.

    Recensione Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse, accessorio business fatto come si deve

    Considerations and use

    We used the Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse especially for office use, in the creation of various PowerPoint presentations and the management and editing of some Excel files, both on a Lenovo X1 PC with Windows 11 and on a Mac mini with macOS Monterey, in combination with the Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard, with which it goes perfectly hand in hand.

    At the beginning, the best feature of this mouse is certainly the ergonomics: the grip is completely natural also thanks to the shape that welcomes the thumb on the left side with, among other things, a part of the slightly sticky surface so as not to slide the mouse.

    The approach is very natural and intuitive and, in all honesty, we didn't feel the need to change what are the standard customizations of all the keys, using the side keys too little.

    Recensione Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse, accessorio business fatto come si deve

    From time to time we also took the opportunity to do some massacre of demons in Diablo III, an environment where the mouse operates correctly, although not excelling (but here there is also adequate support for Macro software and other features, not being a gaming mouse) and perhaps on more demanding titles the lack of can make you feel.

    Finally, even if it is not a typical walking mouse, we appreciated the possibility of using multiple devices, and being able to easily put it in the bag, since the shape is important but not so important as not to fit in the pockets of the backpack.

    To be precise, nothing to say, the 2,400 dpi are used properly and for office use this mouse does absolutely everything and more, bending over especially graphic commitments where not thought of.

    All this, considering the excellent price / performance ratio, because this product costs less than 60 Euros and finding a similar competitor in the market with these characteristics is very difficult, given that the most famous names stop at about double.

    Recensione Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse, accessorio business fatto come si deve The laser sensor is designed to work well on any surface, but we still suggest using a mat to maximize the result


  • Elegant shape
  • Simple to configure
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • Cons:

  • Few customizations for Mac
  • Bluetooth only
  • Price

  • 59.99 Euro
  • Readers can find the Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse starting from the stores of the Italian large distribution, but it is present both starting from the Microsoft site and, often even with a small discount, from the pages