Microsoft extends the training function for PowerPoint to all platforms (but still nothing Italian) (photo)

Some time ago Microsoft introduced a function that is as interesting as it is potentially convenient in PowerPoint: a tool for analyzing and improving presentations. The function is called Presenter Coach and works both on the textual presentation part and on the real part made verbally by the person explaining the contents of the slides. Until now it was only available in the web version, but from today the company has announced that it will be extended to all platforms on which the program is available .

PowerPoint for Windows PC and macOS as well as apps for iOS and Android will therefore be enhanced allowing their users to understand with considerable depth of analysis and thus improve their presentations. Unfortunately the bad news is that all this remains the prerogative of the English language and therefore is not available for our own users . Too bad because the tool works surprisingly well – according to the Anglo-Saxon colleagues who were able to try it – and it would have been a valid tool to make the many boring presentations that DAD and smart working force to follow more pleasant.