Microsoft was also bugged by Nobelium, due to its customer service agent

Microsoft has admitted that some of its customer support tools have been penetrated by the well-known hacker group Nobelium , also responsible for the recent attacks SolarWinds . This would have been possible due to a customer service agent from the Redmond company whose computer was compromised. The agent in question had limited access that allowed them to see things like the services customers are using and their billing contact information .

Using the information obtained from these tools, the hacker group was able to initiate highly targeted attacks on specific Microsoft customers . However, the attacks are part of Nobelium's larger plan, which focuses on IT companies and governments around the world . Microsoft has informed its customers that they have been affected by these hacker attacks, and has reassured everyone by saying that Nobelium no longer has access to the customer support agent's device.

Microsoft also resumed the security discourse regarding the future release of Windows 11, for which users will need to have a computer equipped with specific hardware .