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New iliadbox update: here are the news

Iliad is dedicating fairly regular updates to its iliadbox , and the last one, marked with the number, is in distribution right now.

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But what are the news ? According to some users who have tried it in preview , the most important update concerns the correction of a graphic problem for those who have connected a hard disk to iliadbox. In fact, before it was not possible to view correctly all documents remotely, because many went out layout , while now everything seems to be in order. Otherwise, it appears to be a minor update , with minor corrections.

To update the firmware of the iliadbox , if it was not done automatically, just restart . You can check the firmware version from the web interface (after logging in on and going to the “Diagnosis” tab. Previous versions of the signature were named 4.5.5-pre3 and 4.5.5-pre1, while now it should be To reboot, you can:

  • from web interface ( disable any extensions or settings for blocking advertisements or pop-ups), by clicking on the icon at the bottom left of the advanced menu
  • directly from iliadbox , scrolling through the menu on the display to the item for the reboot.

Via: Universo Free