New modem, new offers: here are the costs and promotions of NeXXt Casa and NeXXt Casa Light

NeXXt is the new modem presented by Fastweb with integrated microphones and speakers to allow interaction with Alexa, and starting from May 17th and new offers will also be available fixed network NeXXt Casa and NeXXt Casa Light , with new prices and also a new discount for convergence linked to 'offer with 100 Giga NeXXt Mobile Maxi.

Fastweb NeXXt Casa Light

  • Unlimited Internet up to 1 Gbps or even up to 2.5 Gbps (depending on technology and coverage)
  • Pay-as-you-go calls to national fixed and mobile numbers at a cost of € 0.15 / cent per minute without connection fee with a charge per second
  • Cost: € 27.95 per month
  • Including only Wi-Fi modem 6 NeXXt, no additional costs

Fastweb NeXXt Casa

  • Unlimited Internet up to 1 Gbps or even up to 2.5 Gbp s (depending on technology and coverage)
  • Unlimited calls to all national fixed and mobile numbers with no connection fee
  • Cost: € 30.95 per month
  • Including both the NeXXt modem and the Booster on free loan

The monthly fee will also include an activation fee in installments for the service, equal to 1 € for 24 months and in case of withdrawal, no amount of the missing installments will be charged. This amount will be indicated on the invoice with a discount of the same amount, so that the total cost will not change as the discount will reset the activation cost.

Another new feature that will come into effect from 17 May concerns the discounts provided for converging customers , ie those who activate an offer for both the fixed and mobile networks. In case of subscription to one of the new offers Fastweb NeXXt Casa and the offer NeXXt Mobile Maxi , a discount will be applied on the monthly price of the mobile offer.

NeXXt Mobile Maxi

  • Unlimited minutes
  • 100 sms
  • 100 Giga of Internet traffic also in 5G
  • Cost: € 7.95 per month
  • Cost of first top-up of € 10
  • Valid for existing Fastweb fixed network customers and for new ones who have made a simultaneous purchase fixed offer

In case of deactivation of the fixed network offer, the cost of the mobile one will return to € 10.95 per month.