NFTs land on Shopify: we start with the Chicago Bulls tokens

The NFT have seen some success in recent months and therefore also Shopify , a platform dedicated to the creation of e-commerce, has expressed an interest in this technology: the Chicago Bulls in fact have opened their own NFT shop on Shopify.

The choice of a platform known and available all over the world will certainly please fans of the NBA franchise: instead of going to a marketplace dedicated to the sale of NFT, those interested in the “crypto art” of the Chicago Bulls will be able to purchase the products via credit or debit cards in a very simple way , a factor not to be underestimated especially for those who are not accustomed to the world of cryptocurrencies.

The Chicago Bulls have chosen to lean on the blockchain Flow for their NFTs, but sellers will soon have more choice when it comes to blockchains. Kaz Nejatian , Shopify's vice president of commercial services, said “You used to be able to buy NFT on credit cards, but the NFT shopping experience at outside of Shopify is not great for anyone right now. That's why we decided to do this job. Merchants and buyers shouldn't have to take a cryptocurrency class to buy things they care about “.