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OCR online: convert your scanned documents to text that you can edit

OCR is the acronym for Optical Character Recognition. Optical character recognition. Or what is the same, convert an image to text. Extract words from an image so you can edit them from your computer or other device. And as with other editing tasks, OCR is online. So you don't need to install additional software to digitize text in minutes.

If you have images that contain text, typescript or manual calligraphy, current OCR technology can extract those words with a low error rate. In this way you can digitize documents and take advantage of their content instead of making it only readable.

We offer several online OCR solutions that will help you to extract the text from any image. So you can take advantage of it for storage, editing and use in all kinds of platforms and/or formats.

Online OCR

If you have images in JPG, PNG or BMP format, Online OCR can convert image to text so that you can edit it through Word, Excel or in any application that supports the TXT plain text format. The requirement is that the files to be converted do not exceed the maximum size of 15 MB. And it also extracts text from PDF documents.

As for the supported languages, you will find a very complete list. English, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Turkish… It is convenient to choose the language in which the scanned text is so that the OCR tool detects correctly the words and convert them into a Word document for editing.

Otherwise, Online OCR is free and does not require registration to use. Another advantage is that it works on any device. Come on, you can use it on your computer but also on your phone or tablet.


Scanning documents for images is a time-consuming process. So the next part of the digitization process can be left to OCR2Edit, an online OCR tool to extract text from images and PDF. In addition, it offers several outputs to the texts so that they are editable.

We can obtain the text directly, save it in an old (DOC) or recent (DOCX) Word document, extract the text from a PDF directly… Depending on what you need, you can choose one option or another .

From there, you can upload one or more files, enter a link, or choose which scanned images to save to Dropbox or Google Drive. OCR2Edit will do the rest. That is, detect the format (you can upload PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF…), the language (you can choose it by hand) and, finally, do the conversion or extraction of the text.

Convert OCR

Another good image to text converter is Convertio OCR. It is free without registration with certain limits. That is, you can convert up to 10 pages for free. And with registration, you can use this service more times. Available for any device from the browser, supports images PDF, JPG, BMP, GIF, PBM, TGA, WBMP and much more. And upload them from your device or from your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts.

Once the files are uploaded you can choose the language of the text to help the online OCR to refine the aim. What's more, you can mark more than one language, in case the document is in several languages. You will also have the opportunity to choose an output format such as DOCX, TXT, PDF, RTF, EPUB, etc.

Another detail of Convertio OCR is that it facilitates the conversion of an entire document or only the pages that you decide. This will speed up the process. Regarding security, the temporary files and those you upload are deleted when the conversion is finished. And the output files are kept for 24 hours and then deleted.


Free, online, without registration and compatible with more than 100 languages. i2OCR has a selection of tools to work with digitized documents, PDF files, etc. In addition, it allows extract image to text with ease through online OCR.

You choose the source language, upload the file from your connected computer or device and start the extraction process. The list of available languages ​​covers most of your needs. And the conversion is relatively fast.

When finished, in i2OCR you will see the editable text so that you can copy it to the Clipboard or download it in TXT, PDF, HTML or DOC format. You can also choose to open it in Google Docs or even translate it to another language. As a curiosity, to the right of the editable text you will see the original text so you can check if the conversion was done correctly.