On Microsoft Edge 89 the tabs can be placed vertically (photo)

A new version of the Edge browser, based on Chromium , has finally been released by Microsoft , with functions that will surely be appreciated by many users.

The first concerns a new possibility of displaying the open tabs: now in fact, it will be possible to arrange them also vertically and, on the left edge. In this case, only the icons of open websites will be shown and a lot of space will be saved in the top bar, certainly a godsend for those who use laptops with not very large screens. This tab “revolution” comes only a week after the arrival of the Sleeping Tabs function, which allows you to “Rest” some pages so that system resources are not used .

The news does not end there: the developers of the browser claim that they have managed to greatly optimize the software , which now is able to open 41% faster than before ). Startup Boost , this is the name, will come later and will be activated from the browser settings. Good news also for the US users who use Bing as a search engine: the results will now appear with a slightly renewed graphics and will integrate various information at the top of the page . Unfortunately we do not know if and when this function will arrive in Italy.

The update to the version 89 of Microsoft Edge is in rollout these days and you can download it by going to the appropriate tab of the browser settings.