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OPPO Find X5 Lite review: only good, and the price …

HomeMacityAndroid World After testing the top of the range Find X5 Pro , we dedicate time and space to the entry level model, the Find X5 Lite. On the one hand, it is one of the most interesting smartphones from an aesthetic point of view, due to the peculiar rear pattern, but there is no lack of some shadows. Here's how our test went.


Inside the package there are no particular surprises. It is practically the same in strength of last year's Lite model. The package includes the power adapter, the cable for charging, a USB OTG adapter for data transfer and a case. There are no headphones, although the terminal still offers the 3.5mm headphone jack. In any case, it is no longer so strange not to find these accessories in the box; indeed, it has become the norm.

Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite


In a market where it is really difficult to find something original and different, OPPO Find X5 Lite still stands out. Especially for the back, where a particular pattern and upholstery find space. The “scratched” pattern changes color in direct light, giving a pleasant sensation, while the materials are rather plastic, and certainly do not return the same touch and feel that we experienced with the Pro model. a “quarrel” that betrays its nature precisely in the materials.

Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite

On the front, however, there is the presence of the hole for the camera, present in the upper left corner, with a rather pronounced frame on the lower part.

Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite

On an aesthetic level, Oppo Find X5 Lite stands out, especially for the rear, being rather standard on the front. Overall, however, it is a nice phone, which you hold well in your hand, also thanks to a low weight, equal to about 173 grams.

Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite In the light direct changes color completely


On the front the terminal houses a 6.43-inch AMOLED screen (no, it's not a Samsung panel), with an FHD + resolution at 90 Hertz, with the possibility of setting 60 Hz to save battery. The colors are pleasant, even if we have appreciated better screens in the landscape, even in the same price range. The pixel density is still quite high, equal to 409 ppi, and overall it turns out to be an enjoyable panel, moreover protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite

In Vivid mode the terminal reaches 100% DCI-P3 / 135% sRGB, while in delicate mode 76% DCI-P3 / 103% sRGB. With the device tilted we notice that the colors tend to veer slightly, and we have noticed a brightness that is not excellent, lower than other direct competing devices.

Specifications and performances

Under the hood Oppo Find X5 Lite offers Mediatek's mid-range processor, the Dimensity 900, flanked by 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of integrated memory. Considering that the price, as we will see later, is one of the elements that makes us turn up our noses, and that probably penalizes this device against other competitors, we wonder why the manufacturer did not want to save, perhaps, on the integrated ROM.

Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite

It is true that 256 GB are always handy, but on a Lite terminal, wouldn't it have been the case to fall back on the 128 GB cut and save something? In this price range, where even a reduction of 50 euros can be decisive, we consider the choice of 256 GB a little too “generous” and inadequate. Moreover, there is also the compartment to expand the memory via MicroSD, which is why the 128 cut would have allowed the manufacturer to reduce costs, without affecting the user's ability to have more space, because it can be expanded up to 1. TB via memory card.

Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite

The terminal, in everyday use, however, runs well, resulting fluid, without returning any problems whatsoever with the applications that most users will use in everyday life. We did not like the vibration, which may not be considered an essential element, but the feeling it returns is not that appreciable in some terminals of the same price range, where it is softer and more comfortable, especially when typing texts. In 2022, more attention is expected to these details, considering that the price is not as “lite” as it might seem.


As for the rooms department, Oppo Find X5 Lite offers a triple sensor on the back, with the main 64 megapixel camera. The sensor used by this terminal is the Omnivision, which is seemed less precise than others, unable to capture details optimally, even in conditions of optimal lighting. Overall, the photos are still pleasant, certainly not insufficient, but the images we took home with this terminal did not fully satisfy us. On the other hand, the colors are very good, especially in the daytime shots, while in the evening there is a minimum yellowing, due to the lack of optimal light.

Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite

The integrated wide-angle sensor is not exciting, nor the macro camera, which however lacks in almost all smartphones that mount it.

If you look at the video department, you need to stop at Full HD shooting at 1080p, where the electronic stabilization and focus are still appreciable. It is much worse with 4K recording at 60 Fps, which returns video overall less enjoyable, almost insufficient.

Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite

We would like to reiterate that this OPPO Find X5 Lite will allow good shots in normal light conditions, but if we keep an eye on the price, the expectation was slightly higher. Below is a series of shots taken with the terminal:

Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite

Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite


Again, a small disappointment. The ColorOS 12 installed on board is the one we have come to know in other terminals of the brand, able to acquire stability over time and be appreciated. Less appreciated is the choice of Android 11 on board this terminal. The update to Android 12 will arrive at least towards the middle of the year, but considering the limit of software updates limited to 3, it will be a terminal that already starts at a disadvantage. In any case, it was reasonable to expect to leave already with Android 12 on board.


The battery on board is 4500 mAh, which is really satisfying, even in combination with the processor capable of being an excellent example of energy efficiency. Not only will the device take you in the evening without any problem, and even with medium intense use, but the 65W fast charge will never run dry: in fact, a charge of just 35 minutes is enough to have the phone completely load.

Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite


In itself, the Oppo Find X5 Lite is a good phone. It does not seem to shine when compared to the list price of 499 euros. Not that there are many in the abstract, but if you look around you could certainly find a greater offer. Without going to bother other brands, there would be for example the Find X3 Neo from last year, which (to exclude street price offers) has a similar price list, and which certainly offers something more. Not to mention realme GT 2 Neo, which costs much less, and which seems to us to be much more valid from many points of view.

Recensione OPPO Find X5 Lite

Also last year for the 3 Lite we noticed a high price list, but this year the asking price seems to be more out of tune, due to the competition in this price range.

Oppo find X5 Lite is a very good device in itself, but that we would recommend buying when available on offer on 349 euros or if able to take advantage of the current trade-in offers


  • Pleasant rear aesthetics
  • Autonomy and recharge
  • 256 GB of memory + microSD

  • High price
  • Comes with Android 11
  • Vibration motor dated
  • At the moment on Amazon it costs 499 euros and you can buy it at this address.