Oppo Find X5 Pro review, elegance has its price

HomeMacityAndroid World When last year OPPO presented its Find X3 Pro, it left everyone stunned because of the rear design, with a glass able to bend near the camera module, and in fact able to incorporate it inside the body, with a ' more unique than rare harmony. This year, of course, that form factor is not abandoned, and with OPPO Find X5 Pro the brand continues on the path taken last year. There is no longer that surprise effect, but the quality and the general glance still remains indisputable. Here's what we think of the terminal in our test.

As a curiosity, let's start with the name of this terminal. OPPO skipped number 4, moving from Find X3 to Find X5. Although it can be assumed that this is due to superstition reasons this is not the case: the company explains that the fourth generation of its terminals is represented by last year's foldable Find N. Curiosity aside, Find X5 Pro looks like a terminal very similar to its direct predecessor , with some small changes here and there, which however served to improve last year's excellent product .

Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro

On an aesthetic level we find, once again, in front of a splendid terminal. In the hand there is an almost monobloc sensation, as if it were a single piece. Once again it is the rear that steals the show. The ceramic body provides a fantastic touch feel, and the curvature on the rear chamber is even more efficient than last year. This time, in fact, OPPO has well thought out to bend the corner of the camera more , to prevent the fingers from touching the lenses. This is a small change compared to last year, but it actually manages to give a better feeling of use.

Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro

To a very clean rear, there is an equally slender front, with absolutely minimal frames, even on the upper and lower part. These are minimal, but the lateral ones are even more so, also considering the curvature of the screen, which manages to hide them almost completely.

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The ceramic finish, which certainly gives a feeling of a Premium terminal, has its advantages, but also its “cons”. On the one hand, in fact, it is visually appreciable, and should also be more resistant than the glass terminals. On the other hand, however, it increases the weight of the device, and not a little, considering that you will hold a 218 gram terminal in your hands . As for resistance, even the front is well protected by the Gorilla Glass Victus .

Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro

On an aesthetic level, OPPO Find X5 Pro is a unique terminal, almost a piece of display and, always net of the personal tastes of each, we believe we absolutely promote it.


One of the elements that certainly stand out on this terminal is the display. It is a 6.7-inch diagonal AMOLED unit, with a refresh rate that can vary from 1 to 120Hz. This is not a huge step forward compared to the previous model, but there is no doubt that it is still one of the best displays in the industry. It proposes a resolution WQHD + , although it is possible to set the resolution to FHD +, or choose the adaptive one according to what is displayed. Of course there is HDR support .

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Many possible customizations to adapt the display to your eye and thus have a perfect view. There is even the possibility of improving color vision by carrying out a simple test, in order to obtain maximum visual comfort.

It goes without saying that the animations reproduced on the screen are super smooth, the colors bright even in direct sunlight, with very high readability. For those who do not like curved edges, this is probably not the right terminal, because although the curvature is absolutely well done, there is always a slight shade of gray on the sides, which is however only noticeable in white or very light screens.


What to expect from a top of the range terminal? Naturally the maximum of fluidity and power. This Find X5 Pro is powered by Qualcomm's latest flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip. At the moment it is such a new CPU, launched only in December of last year, that it is difficult to understand if the various app developers are already able to make the most of it. It is clear, however, that we are facing one of the currently most powerful terminals in the category. Needless to say, opening any app is lightning-fast, and even multitasking doesn't offer any problems whatsoever.

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The device is able to manage very well, and woe if not, the opening of apps in rapid sequence, and the transition from one to the other. If you look at the benchmark data there are some surprises, considering that the smartphone is beaten, albeit slightly, by some smartphones of last year. In contrast, however, the scores in the graphics sector literally outclass the competitors with Snapdragon 888.

Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro

OPPO Find X5 Pro, in addition to the support of the latest Snapdragon CPU, also offers 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of ROM memory , without microSD expansion support. Obviously, 5G stands out among the technical features, as well as support for WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and NFC.

In everyday life, the terminal does not present any lag, offering an absolutely fluid user experience, which will allow you to enjoy the entire Android ecosystem, also being able to download heavier games, which of course will run at maximum detail, without batting an eye. We have noticed, however, that in moments of strong stress the terminal tends to heat up a little on the upper part, near the camera.


On the back of this OPPO find X4 stand 3 cameras, incorporated within the ceramic body, and it improves in terms of the cutout, now specially curved to avoid accidentally putting your finger in that area. The main and ultrawide sensor are 50 MP , while the telephoto lens is 13 MP . There are no microlenses, as was the case with the direct predecessor, nor is there any trace of a periscope with 5 or 10 x zoom. The choice could be criticized, but in reality the brand wanted to focus on the functions that it believes can be most appreciated by users. In particular, the giant wanted to enhance the shots in low light conditions.

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Furthermore, it must be said that this OPPO Find X5 Pro integrates the MariSilicon X chip, which is an additional chip with a 6 nm production process, which should enhance the shots, especially those in low light conditions.

With these necessary premises, let's start immediately by saying that OPPO Find X5 takes really beautiful photos, with sharp images, full of details, faithful colors and chromatic consistency between the different sensors, so as to obtain homogeneous photos when using the different lenses present. After all, from a terminal of this price range it was impossible to expect otherwise.

Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro

The real test, then, are the shots in low light conditions. Also in this case you will get some very good photos, even if not extraordinary. OPPO's work in improving this department is clearly visible, and the terminal manages to keep up with other top-of-the-range flagships, even with Apple's latest generation smartphones.

Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro Recensione Oppo Find X5 ProOf course it is the main camera that obtains the best results at night, this is because it is assisted by the 5-axis OIS stabilization.

OPPO Find X5 Pro is, in short, an excellent ally also for shots, even if the absence of periscope is felt for those looking for extra zoom options.


As for autonomy, OPPO Find X5 Pro relies on a battery from 5000 mAh , with support for wired charging from 80 W , with the 'power supply included in the package, and support for wireless charging at 50 W. Considering the very high technical specifications, if used without any form of savings, the terminal will have to be charged every day, even if during our tests we always arrived in the evening with a small dose of residual recharge, which avoided unnecessary worries of mind.

Recensione Oppo Find X5 Pro

In addition, the 80 W recharge ensures that you get at least 50% recharge in less than a quarter of an hour, and even a little more. To get to 100, however, it will take about 40 minutes. In this way you will never be asked to remain dry when recharging, because a small top-up will eventually be enough to extend the autonomy beyond measure.


OPPO Find X5 Pro is an elegant and performing phone from all points of view. The rear body has a truly unique design, while on a technical level it is second to none: excellent display, top performance, ultra-fast charging and camera capable of returning excellent shots.

It is useless to deny that the price is, almost certainly, the least attractive point of this terminal. It is found at 1299 euros on Amazon, not exactly for everyone. This is the biggest obstacle that in our opinion will divide the terminal from most of the customers. It is clear, however, that Find X5 Pro is one of those few phones with a very strong “personality”, and that in the hand it really gives a feeling of absolute value.


  • Design exclusive
  • Extremely powerful
  • Display
  • Super fast charging and autonomy
  • Convincing Room Department

  • Heavy (although it is held beautifully in the hand)
  • Costly
  • Availability

    On Amazon it can be found at the lowest price of 1299 euros, in the different colors white or black.