ORICO Duk-5p review, the desktop charger

We admit, when we put the ORICO Duk-5p at home, on the table, the family immediately looked at it with a mixture of curiosity and suspicion: the shape is in fact very original, even for those who have even unconventional electronic equipment. has seen several.

Yet it didn't take long before we got attached, especially when we saw it in operation. After all, a device that, like this one, is able to recharge 5 devices together not only … unites the family, but is also able to significantly reduce the “electronic” clutter in the house and the occupation of the sockets

But although the potential is clear, it takes more time to understand its logistics, or to act accordingly as we see below.

Recensione ORICO Duk-5p, il caricatutto da scrivania Five USB sockets, five upper slots for device (with case)

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  • 2 Five for one, one for all
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  • ORICO Duk-5p, the review

    Immediately ready

    Inside the box, minimal, the ORICO Duk-5p is accompanied only by an instruction booklet and a white power cable: on the other hand, operation is very simple, just connect the cable to the socket , turn everything on via the (nostalgic) mechanical button and connect the devices.

    The device is made of glossy plastic in the lower part and opaque in the upper part, a blue light near the button indicates its operation.

    Recensione ORICO Duk-5p, il caricatutto da scrivania the small blue LED shows its operation

    The feet are in viscous silicone, to make it stable even when leaning, even if the weight, not indifferent (0.45 kg), should not make it too dancer on the desk

    The accommodation for the devices that are placed inside it: in our case, iPad and iPhone were comfortable with the relative cases, a factor not to be underestimated.

    The lower fan starts, according to specifications, only on temperatures above 65 ° and a safety circuit turns off everything when it reaches 100 °, however very high values ​​(the iMac we are writing from currently travels at a CPU temperature of 58 ° in a room without air conditioning, in a very hot Milan at the end of June). After all, in our use in days of infernal heat, the fan only started once.

    Recensione ORICO Duk-5p, il caricatutto da scrivania

    Five for one, one for all

    But let's get straight to the point: the total power of 40W simultaneously charged an iPad Air 2019, an iPad 2018, an iPad mini, an iPhone 8 and a portable battery and we are confident to say that it would have charged 4 iPhones and one in the same way. battery, if we had them at home.

    The problem, as mentioned at the beginning, lies in the logistics of the cables: it is not a real problem in fact, only that it is necessary to understand how to manage the unwinding of five cables that start from the front USB-A sockets plus one for the power supply that instead starts. from the rear connector.

    Recensione ORICO Duk-5p, il caricatutto da scrivania With the right cables the appearance, and the practice, improves a lot. It is not mandatory, but highly recommended

    The ideal would be to have very short Lightning, USB-C or MicroUSB cables, such as this one for iPads, or this to charge many other devices, only this type of cables must typically be purchased separately (because those included in the packages are usually longer).

    With the ORICO Duk-5p short cables it does not give any problems, it is not a design masterpiece, but it is tremendously comfortable to use, so it looks good in the living room or in the bedroom, for those who have several devices to charge at night and have to beg for the taken.

    We also think of travelers, because in hotels there is often only one free socket, plus one in the bathroom (but it is not safe) and often the MacBook Pro must be used only as a recharging device.

    With long cables, on the other hand, the question changes because in addition to aesthetics it becomes difficult to manage the volume of the footprint, although obviously a lot depends on the expectations that one has with respect to the enormous comfort.

    Recensione ORICO Duk-5p, il caricatutto da scrivania


    If you live alone, such a device with the right cables will certainly make things easier for you, but it is not strictly necessary because there are two or three free sockets in your home or office, even if everything becomes a bit ' uncomfortable.

    Conversely, if you are a family with one or more children not even very young then ORICO Duk-5p will revolutionize the concept of “charge”, because it creates a focal point in the home, which we could define as a small device paradise.

    Our advice is to evaluate the cost of the ORICO Duk-5p together with some short cables (on Amazon there are many) because you can gain at a glance and also in practicality, for the rest trust, the hardware it's good and the smart and terribly seductive solution.

    Finally, it should be noted that this accessory is also available in versions capable of recharging 7 or 10 devices. But these are objects that can be used more in an office or a public place (think of a bar or restaurant, for example) as courteous tools for employees or customers.

    Recensione ORICO Duk-5p, il caricatutto da scrivania Pros:

    • Terribly convenient for those with many devices • Simultaneously charge up to 5 devices via USB


    • Caution is required with the use of standard charging cables


    • 35.99 Euro

    Readers can find ORICO Duk-5p directly from Amazon.it pages at a price of 35.99 Euros as a Prime product.