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Pay by smiling? MasterCard's new proposal could be the future of payments

If you thought paying with Apple Pay was easy, this news will blow your mind. According to MasterCard, the future of payments is here, and to access it you only need your smile.

Through a publication on their website they announced the MasterCard Biometric Checkout Program, with which you only need to smile at the payment terminal to approve the purchase. This proposal will be launched globally, although in the statement they comment that the tests will begin first in Brazil.

The company has emphasized that you do not require cards or a mobile device . You only have to approve the purchase invoice, and then smile at the camera to confirm payment at the stores of your choice.

MasterCard gives way to the future of payments

MasterCard points out that its idea was born because, on many occasions, buyers' hands are busy when they are about to make a payment. The foregoing, obviously, means that the payment process is not entirely efficient. Not only for customers, but also for stores. “No more searching for your phone or wallet when your hands are full: the next generation of in-person payments will only require a quick smile or wave of the hand,” the company explains, adding:

“Once enrolled, there's no need to slow down the checkout line searching through pockets or purses. Consumers can simply check the bill and smile at a camera or wave over a reader to pay. The new technology guarantees a fast and secure payment experience, while allowing consumers to choose how they want to pay.

For merchants, the benefits are considerable too, from faster transaction times and shorter queues to better hygiene and security. The payment system can be integrated with loyalty programs and personalized recommendations to help consumers find products that may interest them based on their previous purchases.”

MastercardIn addition, to sign up for the project you just have to download an app on your mobile, or go to an authorized store in the Mastercard Biometric Checkout Program and sign up.

It will be in other latitudes very soon The initial test pilot will start in the city of Sao Paulo, in Brazil. Initially, only five stores in the city will have the company's new biometric payment function. However, Mastercard has plans to bring this technology to the rest of the world's continents.

Mastercard is working with partners including NEC, Payface, Aurus, PaybyFace, PopID and Fujitsu Limited to ensure the launch and scale of these new types of payment methods around the world. Mastercard

Mastercard Of course, it may be a technology quite similar to what has already been seen with Apple Pay and its Face ID. However, this time you will not need any device or card. Just by showing your face, payments will be authorized quickly, a step further in the automation of purchases.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many businesses and companies have decided to innovate with payment methods. In fact, in Japan there are already holographic payment screens, a method that allows buyers to process their purchases without having to touch physical buttons or a screen that could become a source of infections.