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Philips B Line 243B9 monitor review: one cable to rule them all

HomeMacityMac AccessoriesDesigned for the office, but with some ambitions also as a multimedia display for every day, the Philips B Line 243B9 is a flexible, solid solution and allows considerable savings over time, even if the purchase price remains important.

  • 1 Simple assembly
  • 2 One connector to rule them
  • 3 Full HD
  • 4 How it works
  • 5 Considerations
  • 6 Pros
  • 7 Cons
  • 8 Retail price
  • Simple assembly

    The packaging of the Philips B Line 243B9H is not even that big, considering that it is a 24 “display: once you have opened and removed all the polystyrene protections, the panel, the shaft and the base remain, which can be mounted without no help in 3 minutes, and the support cables for the (many) ports available, as well as the power cord.

    The monitor has a porous black plastic casing, with the rounded back, which encloses all the connectors at the bottom and the front one characterized by very thin edges (5 millimeters on the three sides, something less than 3 centimeters at the bottom, where they find also placed the OSD control buttons).

    The monitor is adjustable both in height and angle of inclination, even if there are no stops for the most common positions and here and there a manual adjustment is needed to make it really “straight”. The advantage is that it can be used both horizontally and vertically.

    The base has a circle-like shape, and can accommodate a smartphone or, thanks to the hollow, stationery items: the advantage is that it takes up little space and is interesting in small desks.

    The dimensions speak of 541 x 522 x 216 mm with pedestal, for 5.44 kg with a power request of 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz with power consumption in band A, which is great news, considering the current times.

    Recensione monitor Philips B Line 243B9 A connector to rule them

    Behind, at the bottom (in a somewhat awkward position, but not very visible, the design here was preferred to comfort) there are video ports such as HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA (for those who want to use it with older hardware or with specific devices) but above all USB-C 3.2 , a connection that involves an incredible ease of use.

    In fact, if HDMI and DisplayPort can carry both video and audio (VGA video only), the USB-C connector can also carry data, transforming the display into a small Dock , thanks to the USB ports on the back or side.

    The advantage is that, using the USB-C cable to connect the display to the Mac, we can connect mouse, keyboards, speakers, microphone and webcam (for Hard Disks better not, a direct connection to the computer is always preferable) all to the display. , letting this let us use them through the only USB-C cable which among other things also charges a 13 ″ MacBook Pro.

    Recensione monitor Philips B Line 243B9 The back of the display : the connectors, placed in the lower part, were a bit awkward, to fix the cables we found it useful to turn the display at 90 °On balance, the possibility of using a USB-C cable is perhaps the best novelty of this model, and after a while one wonders why this is not a universal standard for all PCs, flanked by the various HDMI / DisplayPort for older computers.

    While it is true that today many accessories use a wireless connection such as Bluetooth to connect to the computer, it is also true that the good old USB cable can often solve several problems and offer a safer way, as well as work with USB dongles that take advantage of more channels. capable of Bluetooth only (such as keyboards, mice, webcams or headphones).

    The final power supply that the Philips B Line 243B9H brings through the USB-C cable is 65W, which means the vast majority of laptops up to 14 “, both PC and Mac, except the larger models whose power arrives and sometimes exceeds 100W.

    Recensione monitor Philips B Line 243B9 By connecting the display via USB-C you can use the various USB-A to connect other devices such as speakers, microphones or other

    Full HD

    The panel of the Philips B Line 243B9H has a maximum resolution Full HD, which means 1080p (1920 × 1080 pixels), an acceptable size from a business point of view or as a support when used as a second display, but contained compared to many other models on the market. which now adopt a more interesting 4K resolution.

    The display uses IPS technology (with W-LED backlighting) with 4ms response time, 1000: 1 contrast factor and 250 cd / m² brightness, values ​​more than good on a model of this kind.

    Color coverage is 90% in NTSC 90% and 104% in sRGB, which a photographer's display doesn't do, but it is more than good in a business environment, with some graphic ambitions (particularly for those who draw).

    Having “only” Full HD is certainly not a bad thing, it allows you to use all the Office apps correctly (obviously including Office 2021), offering a reduced surface area only in professional Apps, where panels proliferate and ultimately do not it is not bad even for some games, even if the 4ms in a gaming perspective would be a lot.

    Recensione monitor Philips B Line 243B9 The base allows you to place objects: the recess is small for an iPhone, better use it for stationeryThe Philips B Line 243B9H, however, is also excellent in solutions outside the classic office: the Full HD resolution is excellent when used in some environments outside the office, as a display for large environments, totems, as a “hunchback” in some situations or as an internal solution in a cabinet (even if it is not touch).

    Basically, thanks to the low power consumption, the brilliance and the extreme flexibility of the USB-C connection it offers a huge space of use in many sectors.

    Obviously, it's an excellent model as a second display for a higher resolution monitor, or for those who need a larger display for a laptop but don't need large resolutions.

    Recensione monitor Philips B Line 243B9 The buttons for the OSD menu, bottom left

    How it works

    Connected to a Mac mini via USB-C, it carried both the audio and video signal correctly, having also used it as a USB HUB for mouse and keyboard.

    The 16: 9 format is the perfect hybrid for office applications and some movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video and if you don't have any advanced gamer requests, even some slaughter of demons from time to time.

    A really important function is given by the presence of a proximity sensor: in practice the Philips B Line 243B9H knows when you are in front of the screen (working at full capacity) or when you are not there, lowering the brightness (saving energy), to return at full capacity when you return.

    Everything is regulated automatically by the sensor, which can be deactivated from the convenient OSD menu (also in Italian) where there are also other options.

    On the other hand, a sore point for the audio, which does not live up to expectations, despite being a display and not a pure speaker: it can be used as a temporary solution, but for those who just need to listen to background music during the hours. we recommend other work.

    Recensione monitor Philips B Line 243B9 Commercial and elegant design, especially thought for the office


    Philips B Line 243B9 is a good monitor, mainly designed for the office but which can also have several other feedbacks, from the industrial environment to consumer users (but perhaps here we need more capable models of resolution or form, such as the excellent Philips PHL 439P9H), and obviously for the same reasons it turns out to be an excellent second display on any occasion.

    The attention to energy consumption is interesting, at a time when many are wondering about possible future increases determined by the sad news, but it must be balanced with an entry price that tends to be higher than the average of Full-HD displays, even if the Philips proposal is richer in accessories.

    The presence of a USB-C connector is fundamental in the choice, because it brings practicality, especially for those who hate cables behind the desk or for those who often connect and disconnect a laptop.

    Our opinion is positive, but if we can offer advice it is to evaluate this model but also the brother Philips B Line 243B9H, identical in technology but with a retractable webcam that significantly increases the comfort of the station.

    Recensione monitor Philips B Line 243B9 In the image, the Philips B Line 243B9H, identical to the monitor subject of this review but with a retractable webcam at the top


    • Excellent panel • Suitable for office use • The USB-C is a very convenient solution • The sensor allows significant savings


    • Full HD only • Manual intervention is required to find the right position

    Retail price

    • € 335.47

    Philips B Line 243B9H is available in stores suggested by the Italian website of the parent company or you can find it more conveniently also at, together with its brother Philips B Line 243B9H (with integrated webcam)